If you're planning on entering a rehab facility, being prepared can help ease your mind and your nerves. Here are 3 steps to take before going to rehab.

3 Important Steps to Take Before Going to Rehab

With over 14,000 rehab centers in the USA, you’ve got plenty of options if you think you might need help with an addiction. 

Going to rehab is never easy, but it can be life-changing and life-saving. Well done if you’ve decided to take the plunge and make this brave step. 

However, there are a few things you should know before you go. It’s easy to focus solely on getting to rehab. But, preparing a few things first will make the transition into a sober environment and then back into the real world significantly more manageable. 

Read on for three simple tips for going to rehab. 


1. Tell the People In Your Life

Your first step is to let people know what’s happening. Although it may be tempting to go off-grid without alerting people, this is the wrong choice for several reasons: 

  • People will worry about where you are and if you’re okay 
  • You may have a problematic reunion after rehab 
  • You deserve support from people in your life 
  • They deserve to have time to process these changes 
  • They can help you reintegrate into society after recovery (but only if they know) 

2. Tie Up Loose Ends 

Next, you need to tie up any logistical loose ends. If this feels too overwhelming, please get the support of a family member, support worker, or local services. 

Things to consider include: 

  • Canceling direct debits 
  • Telling any creditors and banks of your situation
  • Speaking with loved ones 
  • Arranging a mail re-direct so that you still receive important letters
  • Tell your healthcare provider of your plans 
  • Speak with your insurance provider if claiming treatment through them
  • Arrange childcare, pet care, or house-sitting if appropriate
  • Make arrangements with your employer if you’re working 

3. Pack a Bag

Finally, it’s time to pack your rehab bag. This can be more difficult than you expect. During rehab, you’ll have lots of time for self-reflection and therapy; you’ll really appreciate certain items for support. Consider bringing:

  • Names and phone numbers of loved ones to be involved in your treatment
  • Everyday jewelry (such as wedding rings)
  • Any current prescriptions in their original packaging 
  • $50-$100 for allowed shopping trips or vending machines 
  • A debit or credit card
  • Insurance details 
  • Stamps and envelopes 
  • Photos of loved ones
  • A journal 

However, most rehabs have specific rules on things you cannot bring. Depending on the package you choose, they may be strict or lenient. Be aware that the following are usually not allowed: 

  • Alcohol (obviously)
  • Non-prescription medication
  • Pornography 
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Video games and DVDs 

Once your bag is packed, you’re ready. It’s time to click for alcohol rehab now. 

Going to Rehab: Do It Right 

Are you ready for rehab? Although choosing rehabilitation is an incredible first step, follow these three tips to ensure success in your treatment. 

Remember, going to rehab will be difficult. But, it will be worth it. 

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