Do you want to get rid of an old automobile that's in your driveway that you no longer need? Here are 5 clever ways to accomplish just that.

5 Clever Ways to Get Rid Of an Old Automobile That You No Longer Need

There are many reasons why someone would want to get rid of an old automobile that they no longer need. You might be looking to upgrade to a new car, your old car might not be working or safe anymore, or you may be moving to a location that no longer requires you to have a car.

No matter what your reason is, it is important that you understand what your options are. Unfortunately, you can’t just leave your old car on the side of the road and forget about it. So you will have to find some way to get rid of your car.

Thankfully, there are several methods in which you can make out with a profit. So if you would like to know more then keep on reading and we will walk you through the best ways to get rid of an old car that you don’t need anymore.


1. Sell It to a Dealership

The fastest way to get rid of an old auto that you no longer need would probably be to sell it to a dealership. However, if you choose to go this route, you should know from the start that the dealership is not going to pay you anywhere close to top dollar for your car.

After all, they are buying your car so that they can sell it at a higher price and make a profit.

If you want to sell your car to a dealership, then you can start the process by looking for dealerships that sell cars like yours. If you aren’t happy with any offers that you get, then you can go to an off-brand dealership and see what they offer you.

Take your time and ask around to see what different dealers are willing to pay for your car. 

While you won’t make a lot of money with this method, it is an easy and fast process.

2. Sell It on Your Own

You are going to likely make the most money by selling your car on your own. However, you should be aware that this is not an easy process. You can place ads in the paper and also add your car to Craigslist and other sites.

Facebook Marketplace is another good spot to post your car. Be aware that your car can end up sitting in your driveway for many weeks before you find a suitable buyer. And the longer it takes to sell your car, the more likely the value of your car will go down.

3. Trade It In

If you want to buy a used or new car, then you might be better off trading your auto in instead of selling it. When you trade your car in, you can reduce the amount that you need to pay for your used or new car and avoid the hassle of trying to sell your vehicle on your own.

The trade-in offer that you get is going to depend on your car’s value. It will also depend on if the dealer already has similar vehicles on the lot, the condition of the vehicle, and whether repairs will have to be undertaken.

If you don’t like the offer that you are given, you don’t need to accept it.

4. Donate Your Old Automobile

If you don’t want to trade your car in or sell it, then you should consider donating it. There are a lot of charitable organizations that accept car donations in order to support their work.

Obviously, when you do this, you will be helping someone in need. But there is another benefit too. When you donate your car, you may be able to save money on your taxes. This is because the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will let you claim a tax deduction with your donation.

The deduction will typically be equal to the amount that the car sells for auction. If your car doesn’t get auctioned off, then you can claim the fair market value or $500, whichever is more. Of course, you should speak with a tax professional to go over the specifics.  

5. Junk Your Car

Perhaps your car doesn’t have much life left and is in need of a lot of repairs. If this is the case, then you might be better off just junking it.

You can work with a junk removal service and they might even pay you for your vehicle. They’ll then bring over a tow truck and remove your car for you.

There are some junk removal companies that won’t pay for your car. But they will still come over and remove your car for you for free. And for some car owners, that enough can be a big relief.

If you want to go this route, then it is very important that you know the steps to removing junk cars.

The Importance of Knowing the Clever Ways to Get Rid Of an Old Automobile That You No Longer Need 

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now understand the clever ways to get rid of an old automobile that you no longer need. As we can see, there are several options at your disposal. This means that you can either try to sell it for money or you can simply junk or donate it so that you don’t have to worry about it any longer.

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