Going solar is good for the environment -- that's well documented. But did you know that it will also save you a lot of money? Find out how, here!

5 Ways Going Solar Is Good for Your Pocket

You’ve seen your friends posting about how going solar has saved them so much money. But you want to see for yourself all the different ways going solar is good for your pocket!

Well, it’s not a coincidence that everyone is going solar and telling you about it! Going solar makes sense in so many ways, and here is why you should get in on the action and make the switch to solar.


1. Enjoy the Financial Benefits of Going Solar

Going solar is one of the best financial investments a homeowner can make. There are several other financial benefits to make it even more attractive.

Federal and State Tax Credits

One of the biggest advantages of investing in solar energy is federal and state tax credits. These solar tax credits are available for both residential and commercial systems, and they can go a long way towards offsetting the installation costs.

Federal tax credits alone offer up to a 30% return on your investment, while state tax credits may offer additional savings.

You can also get additional benefits such as local rebate programs and utility companies that offer credits or net metering programs that allow you to sell energy back to the grid. 

Advances Your Home Value

Installing a solar panel system increases your property value because solar energy is both efficient and helps lower your energy costs, making it an attractive asset to have. It can also reduce your home’s liabilities, such as your electricity bill.

With solar energy, you can be free from having to pay the utility companies, which can result in tremendous savings. Depending on the size of your system and area, the total cost of installing solar panels can be recouped within five to seven years or less.

Properties with solar panels typically have higher resale values, meaning that when you decide to sell your home, you can enjoy greater profits as well. When you go solar, you get to save money while increasing your home value at the same time.

Save Money on Monthly Bills

The technology offers multiple advantages, ranging from eliminating electricity costs to reducing maintenance costs and helping to lower overall carbon dioxide pollution.

Solar panel systems can produce electricity directly from the sun and require minimal maintenance. This allows people to save a significant amount of money over time by using clean, renewable power.

Most cities have initiated solar incentives, such as reduced electricity rates, to further incentivize people to use solar technology. Going solar can lower a home or business’s utility bills and even generate profits through the sale of excess electricity.

Not only does this help to pay off the initial investment of a solar system, but it also allows people to save money for the future. In short, going solar is a great way to save money on monthly bills and benefit from energy independence.

2. Choose From Different Financing Options Available

There are a variety of financing options available to make going solar work for your budget.

Solar leases, power purchase agreements, and solar loans are available, each with different benefits and drawbacks to best fit your particular needs. Solar leases and agreements may help you go solar with no money down and no start-up costs.

They will require you to pay a monthly fee and you may not qualify for any tax credits. Solar loans often involve no out-of-pocket money initially, but you will have to pay interest. Loans or cash purchases may require the highest up-front cost.

You may qualify for the highest amount of tax credits. The decision of which financing option is best for you will depend on your budget and overall goals. With the variety of options out there, going solar can be a win-win for your pocket and the environment.

3. Enjoy the Environmental Benefits of Solar

Installing a solar panel system allows you to make your power and not rely so heavily on energy from the grid. Doing this can help free you from rising energy costs and allow you to enjoy a steadier energy cost for the long haul.

Solar energy does not produce any pollution or emissions, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. Solar energy can help to reduce your dependence on power from the grid, helping you to defy price hikes from the utility company.

In the end, going solar is an excellent way to enjoy both the environmental and financial benefits. Check back here for more info on how you can save and help the environment by going solar.

4. Boosts the Local Economy

Going solar is good for your pocket and can also help boost the local economy. By taking part in solar energy initiatives, you can save money on electricity costs while supporting local businesses that install, maintain, and repair solar power systems.

Solar panel technology is often made from sources or parts created regionally, which further supports the local economy. Using solar power creates a cycle of increased economic benefits for local businesses and customers.

Together, these factors make using solar energy for your business and home a win-win for everyone.

5. Low Maintenance

Maintenance costs for solar systems are relatively low. Most solar panel systems will be set up for decades with minimal cleaning and repair needs.

Solar systems have no moving parts, so they rarely require servicing, and if a significant issue does arise, it’s usually covered by a maintenance agreement. The panels themselves have a lengthy lifespan, so you won’t need to replace them for a long time.

This means that you’ll be able to save money on your electric bill without having to repeatedly invest in new equipment.

Learn Why Going Solar Is Good for Your Pocket Today

Going solar is one of the best ways to save money over time and also benefit the environment. With lower bills and new incentives, making the switch to solar can be quite affordable and beneficial in the long run.

If want to join the millions of people who are already making the switch and saving money, contact a solar installer today!

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