A Brief Look at the 3 Most Common Reasons for Remodelling a Kitchen

A Brief Look at the 3 Most Common Reasons for Remodelling a Kitchen

One of the things that often seems to confuse many homeowners is whether they are seeking a renovated kitchen or a remodelled kitchen. If you are looking to bring your kitchen back to its former state in either functionality or design, that would be a renovation. However, if you don’t intend for anything to be exactly (or similarly) back to how it has always been, you want expert remodelling services.

A good way to explain the difference is when seeking to renovate the kitchen in a historic home, where most of the ‘changes’ simply bring it back to its former glory, if only aesthetically. Since you are, for all intents and purposes, seeking to create a whole new kitchen, perhaps the three most common reasons for remodelling a kitchen will help you decide which type of service you are after.


1. Repairing Damage from Water Leaks

Technically, repairing damage from water leaks in the kitchen could fall under either remodelling or renovating the area. In this case, you are probably going to want to go beyond repairing that damage, especially if it’s visible. For example, an older home in St Albans, Welwyn Garden City, or Harpenden, might be looking to preserve the historic value of a home. On the other hand, they also might be seeking the services found on nonpareilsolutions.co.uk to go beyond restoration/renovation. That homeowner might be looking to bring the kitchen up through the years with a total new look whilst repairing that visible damage from a leaky sink or pipes running behind walls.

2. A Totally New Look

Speaking of a totally new look, this is the most common aesthetic reason for remodelling a kitchen. Whilst new appliances might be the main catalyst in seeking change, anything from opening it up a bit for a more open-spaced appeal or a new colour scheme might be motivating factors. Any reason that primarily deals with design is going to be a remodelling job and here is where you can let your creative muses loose. Work closely with your contractors so that they can also envision what your ‘new’ kitchen will look like when the job is complete.

3. New Appliances

We mentioned new appliances above because that is sometimes what leads homeowners to consider remodelling the entire kitchen whilst they are at it. Sometimes newer appliances are smaller or differently designs which would necessitate remodelling various areas where they were placed. In fact, with new electrical wiring in a historic home, you can literally rearrange the layout of your kitchen to accommodate both those new appliances as well as the new design features you are shooting for.

And Everything Else

Whilst these are the three most common reasons why UK homeowners seek to remodel there kitchen, there are so many other things that have caught their eye. Perhaps there are insufficient electrical outlets or maybe there is not enough light shining in from the bright sunlight outside. Maybe they are looking for added bits of décor like a hanging pot rack over the new kitchen island they are having built and installed. For whatever reason you are looking to have your kitchen remodelled, the key understanding is that it will often not reflect (in the slightest) the same design as it once had. It’s like walking into a totally new home!

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