Are you wondering how UCC filings work in Oklahoma? Click here for a guide to the Oklahoma UCC filing process to get your questions answered.

A Guide to the Oklahoma UCC Filing Process

If you’re an Oklahoma resident, you must know the importance of securing payment for any products or services you offer. Otherwise, you could trigger the law, possibly putting future sales at risk.

If you want to avoid landing in the midst of a dispute with a client or business partner, go ahead and file for the Oklahoma UCC yourself. This filing process is easy, too.

Learn how to do this by taking a look at this guide to Oklahoma UCC filing. Read on!


What Is an Oklahoma UCC Filing?

The Oklahoma Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing is a document that establishes the priority of creditors with security interests over the same collateral. This is an important part of any credit transaction or loan and must be completed and filed with the Central Authorization Unit. This is in order to properly register your lien or security interest.

The filing process involves several steps. By following the steps outlined in the filing center, borrowers can ensure that their security interests are properly established and protected.

How To Prepare for an Oklahoma UCC Filing?

The process starts with obtaining the necessary forms from the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s website. Preparing the forms requires exhaustive and accurate identification of the registrant, the individual or the company submitting the filing.

Information such as the legal name, filing number, as well as a clear description of the collateral must be accurately filled out. Additionally, proper notarization of the documents must be included to ensure the validity of the filing.

Once the materials have been finalized, they must be paid for and mailed to the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office for review. The cost of applying for the filing varies and can range from being free to over several hundred dollars, depending on the filing.

The process of completing the filing is complex. It is important to understand all the requirements. To learn more about UCC filing in Oklahoma and to follow each step carefully, you can check online UCC filings.

How Much Is the UCC Filing Fee?

The filing fee for a UCC financing statement is $10 for the first 5 pages plus $1 per excess page. Additional filing fees may also be required depending on the county.

Additionally, documents may be submitted for electronic filing, and the fee for this service is $25.00. The filing fee must be submitted with the financing statement and may be paid in cash, check, or money order.

If the financing statement is accepted, the filing office will assign a unique filing number. Sign the statement and return it to the filer.

Get Ready for Your Oklahoma UCC Filing

UCC filings in Oklahoma are a fairly straightforward process that involves submitting the correct paperwork and payments to the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Once completed, you will receive a notification that the filing may be searched.

To get started on the Oklahoma UCC Filing process, contact a qualified Oklahoma notary public or visit the Secretary of State’s website. With the right guidance, you can easily navigate through the process and ensure that your filing is done correctly.

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