A Simple Guide to the Numerous Benefits of HydraFacials

A Simple Guide to the Numerous Benefits of HydraFacials

When you hear the word ‘hydration’, either from the mouth of your medical doctor or else for an advertisement for the latest soft drink, you automatically think about drinking enough water to keep your brain and body healthy and functioning.

However, as the largest organ on the human body, your skin also needs a lot of water to both look, feel, and actually be as hydrated and healthy as possible at all times, and there is no better way to do this than to treat yourself to regular HydraFacials.

In an effort to make your mind up, if you have been considering this treatment, here is a simple guide to the numerous benefits of hydrafacials.


Firmer Skin

One of the leading benefits of a HydraFacial is the way in which the skin on the face and neck becomes firmer and tighter.

This is primarily due to the tightening of the pores, which means that your face is less likely to accumulate excess and oil, dirt and debris, and the high levels of hydration result in a smooth and radiant finish.

A Reduction in Puffy Undereye

A poor night’s sleep, high stress levels, and general tiredness all contribute to that baggy, puffy appearance of the thinner skin underneath the eyes.

Over eighty percent of adults over the age of fifty in the US have suffered from undereye puffiness at some point in their lives, and as the muscles around the eyes age, they tend to become weaker and less able to support the skin.

A HydraFacial can help reduce and even eradicate such symptoms, mainly by accurate pressure points, rhythmic pulses to aid lymphatic drainages, and light pressure around the eyes, and is often the first choice for people of all ages who experience puffy under-eyes.


As important as it is to start drinking at least a couple of glasses of water each and every morning, both to kickstart your digestive system and rehydrate after sleep, you should ensure your skin is receiving enough hydration and is as moisturized as it can be.

Hydration is another important aspect of why HydraFacials are so popular. Not only will your skin on your face and neck feel smoother, but it will also look and feel significantly more moisturized.

The beauty of booking yourself in for a group of sessions, rather than just one, of the relaxing and hugely beneficial hydrafacials in Chicago will mean that these results will be amplified and last considerably longer.

Younger Looking Skin

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural and completely normal part of the aging process. Still, this does not necessarily mean you have to just learn to live with them, and a HydraFacial can help you achieve a reduced appearance of lines relatively quickly.

Both the salicylic and the glycolic acids that form the base of the HydraFacial treatments encourage the production of collagen, an ingredient of the skin that is plentiful in younger people, but tends to decline as they age.

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