Do you want to start jogging again after being on hiatus or vacation? Here's how you can properly breathe better while running outdoors.

How to Properly Breathe Better While Running Outdoors

15% of the American population participates in some form of running or jogging. If you are one of these 50 million Americans, you need to figure out a way to maximize your fitness abilities.

A crucial element is learning how to breathe better so you can perform at your optimum level while running. Breathing better will oxidize your blood faster and let you run further for longer.

The smart jogger knows how to breathe so they can enjoy optimal health and enjoyment while running. All different types of runners, from joggers to sprinters, can benefit from learning how to breathe. This guide is a good start.


You Can Breathe Better Through Your Mouth

While mouth-breathing may be a major turnoff in the world of dating, in the world of running it is essential. You can inhale much larger breaths from your mouth versus your nose. You can also respire faster through your mouth.

If you want to get the maximum amount of oxygen into your blood and improve your overall health and wellbeing, don’t breathe through your nose while running. 

Master Your Breathe Control

You need the cadence of your breathing to match the pace of your run. If you can learn how to control your breathing you can ensure that your breathing cadence adjusts to the level of vigor for your activity.

The last thing you want to do is start hyperventilating because you lost control of your breathing. Practice things like yoga and meditation to learn the basics of breath control so you can improve your performance. 

Correct Health Ailments to Breathe Better

Some people have asthma or other respiratory ailments that can hinder their ability to breathe. Others have a circulatory system or cardiovascular issues that prevent them from getting the most oxygen out of every breath. 

Identify and treat your health conditions with a doctor to help you breathe better while running. Some conditions are hereditary. Ask your doctor “is AFIB hereditary?” to find out about this and other heart conditions.

Remedy Your Allergies

If you are running outdoors you need to account for all environmental conditions. From freezing air temps in the winter, to high pollen loads in the spring and summer everything must be considered.

If you suffer from allergies you may want to take some allergy medication before your run so you can keep your respiratory tract free and clear. Running outdoors with a stuffy nose and phlegmy throat will hinder your breathing.

Breathe Easy to Run Better

Learning to breathe better will keep you in control of your running routine. Don’t end up out-of-breath or unable to meet your goals. The tips in this guide are a few things you can use to improve your breathing while running.

Put them into practice to make your running abilities even stronger than they already are. For other great information that you can apply to your daily life, make sure to stop in and take a look around our blog from time to time.

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