How to Safely Move Your Instruments: A Musician's Guide

How to Safely Move Your Instruments: A Musician’s Guide

One of the most difficult parts of moving house as a musician is the difficulty of moving your instruments safely. These are valuable pieces of equipment, often more valuable than anything else a musician owns, so you must know the best ways to safely move your instruments from one home to another.

Fortunately for you, that is exactly what this article is designed to explain. So, read on for some great tips.


Why You Need to Take Care

It probably seems obvious that you would need to take care when transporting fragile instruments, such as violas and keyboards. However, even when you are moving strong brass instruments, it is incredibly important to be gentle with them.

This is simply because instruments are carefully made to create the music that they do, which means any kind of damage to them, even seemingly insignificant damage, could cause issues with the music that they are used to create.

Consider the Services Available

Moving Services. These kinds of professional services can be essential when it comes to moving large instruments. For example, finding professional piano movers can be a huge help in the process of transporting a piano, which would otherwise cause some major issues in your moving process.

Order Custom Cases. In addition to that, you might want to consider the benefits of having custom-made cases designed and created for your instruments to keep them safe and padded during the move. After all, by having these cases custom made, you can ensure that they will perfectly fit your instruments inside.

Insure Your Instruments. On top of all that, you’ll want to take out some insurance for your move. Not only will that give you some financial peace of mind, but also help to ensure that you know you won’t fully lose any instruments during your move.

Of course, regardless of the services available for you to capitalize on, you must be certain that the option you choose is right for your needs. Plus, you also need to ensure that you can afford the services that you will need.

Enlist Your Friends

Of course, if you are struggling to find a service that will work for you and your instruments, then one of the best alternative options that you should consider is to enlist the help of your friends.

After all, with enough people, dedication, and time, you should be able to move almost any musical instrument to your new home safely. What’s more, your friends can probably help you to set up those instruments once they have reached your new home.

When in Doubt, Do It Yourself

Finally, if you aren’t convinced by the moving services (or simply can’t afford them) and you can’t make use of the other options available, then you should probably consider the possibility of simply moving your instruments yourself, if you are able.

It might be inconvenient to move something like a guitar or a trumpet yourself, but you gain the benefit of knowing that the instruments are being treated carefully and protected well. So, at least in this situation, you can still be certain that your beloved instruments are being well looked after.

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