Did you know that having an RV garage not only protects your investment in your RV, but it can also raise the value of your house?

The Benefits of Having an RV Garage

By the end of 2021, more than 11 million households owned an RV. That’s 26% higher than 10 years ago.

The demand for RVs isn’t expected to slow down in 2022, either. The pandemic changed the way we take time off. Air travel is full of cancellations and uncertainty.

It’s much easier to get in an RV and explore the country.

If you recently bought an RV, you’re learning about things you never expected to learn. RVs require a lot of care and maintenance.

You also have to look at your storage options, like getting an RV garage or renting an RV storage space.

It could be surprising to learn that there are a number of benefits to getting an RV garage. Do you want to know what they are?

Keep reading to explore the benefits of having a house with an RV garage.


1. Convenience

How far is the nearest RV storage place to your home? It could turn RV storage into a nightmare if you need to access your RV for any reason.

Let’s say you’re looking for an item and you think it’s in your RV. You’d have to take the time to drive to the storage unit, look for it, and drive home.

You may have to look multiple times, taking up more time.

That’s not the case with an RV garage on your property. You take a short walk over to the garage. It’s much easier and takes up less time.

2. Security

If you decide not to get a storage space or build an RV garage, your only other option is to park on the street.

That turns your RV into a target. Vandals and thieves may try to break into the RV to steal parts. RV parts are valuable, and with supply chain issues still happening, your RV is a potential goldmine for thieves.

One expert says it just takes 15 minutes for someone to steal the most valuable parts of the RV.

An RV garage makes it difficult for someone to enter your property unnoticed. They’d then have to break into the garage and steal the parts.

3. Additional Space

You can build an RV garage that just fits the RV. You could build a larger structure to house much more than the RV.

You can use the extra space for additional storage. Turn it into a home gym or office. You could convert the extra space into a living area that’s perfect for watching your favorite sports.

4. Increases Home Values

Do homes with RV garages have more value than ones that don’t? In this real estate market, they do.

There are a couple of reasons why. The first is that the demand for RVs increased. There are more people with RVs, so the will be more people who need RV storage space.

Buying a home with an RV garage takes care of that problem. The higher demand levels lead to higher home prices.

The second reason is that an RV garage could add extra living space to your home, depending on the configuration.

Real estate properties get priced by the amount of square footage. If you add more square footage to your property, you’ll increase the overall value.

5. RV Longevity

An RV that sits outside takes a beating from the sun, rain, and snow. That adds to your maintenance costs because parts will degrade faster over time.

An RV garage protects your vehicle from the elements in the off-season. The inside of the RV doesn’t get damaged by UV rays.

Since the RV is right there on your property, you can perform all maintenance tasks on-site. You don’t have to worry about heading to a storage facility to do basic maintenance tasks.

6. Less Expensive Than Storage

You should expect to pay between $100 and $200 a month for RV storage. That comes out to $1200 to $2400 a year just on storage.

It’s like the difference between renting and owning a home. When you rent, you’re essentially throwing away money and paying someone else’s mortgage.

When you own an RV garage, you have greater flexibility with the space and you reap the benefits of increased property values.

Plus, there’s no guarantee that your RV will remain safe and secure at the storage facility.

Find more here to learn about the costs of building an RV garage and the different sizes available.

7. A Place to Stay

When you keep the RV on your property, you will automatically have an extra guest room for visitors. They have the independence to do what they want and everyone’s not cramped inside the home.

Do you want to have an impromptu camping weekend? You can do that on your own property. You have everything you need in the house and you can sleep in the RV.

It’s a fun way to enjoy owning an RV all year long.

An RV Garage Is a Smart Investment

There are a lot of surprises when you own an RV. The biggest surprise is often the amount of effort it takes to protect and maintain your RV.

You can make the process much easier by owning an RV garage. Not only does it help you make maintenance easier, but it’s more affordable than renting a storage space each year.

It also gives you extra space and you recover a high percentage of the building costs. The benefits of having a house with an RV garage make it a no-brainer.

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