Are you planning on heading down to the local shooting range soon? Here's the one and only gun range essentials checklist that you'll ever need.

The One and Only Gun Range Essentials Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Did you know that over 40% of Americans have a gun at home?

Your right to defend yourself and your family is enshrined in the constitution – and we’re here to tell you that time spent on the gun range is time spent honing your gun safety, effectiveness, and proficiency.

Gun ownership comes with great responsibility. Whether you’ve just bought your first firearm or are more experienced in gun ownership, regular range practice is part of that mantle.

Read on for the ultimate gun range checklist for your next outing.


Your Firearm and Ammunition

Thanks to the gun industry in America, you can choose from many types of guns (see here if you’re shopping for a new firearm or other accessories).

Ensure that your type of firearm is allowed in the range you’re visiting, and don’t forget to take enough ammunition. Buying ammunition on-site will be costly. You may want to bring standard ammunition, dummy rounds, chamber flags, and extra magazines from a reputable manufacturer like Thermold Magazines.

Health and Safety Kit

There’s nothing wrong with shooting a gun; there is something wrong with doing it irresponsibly. Make sure you prioritize looking after your eyes and ears.

Bring high-quality ear protection and vision protection. Additionally, consider a first-aid kit, adequate water, and sunscreen.

Finally, don’t forget to include a card stating all your emergency medical information.

Other Accessories

Depending on how seriously you take shooting, you may want to bring some extra accessories to enhance your experience.

For example, shooting gloves can help you maintain a firm grip on your firearm and provide comfort. Bringing targets means you can take your experience into your own hands and log your progress.

You may want to bring your gun cleaning and maintenance tools too; if something goes wrong on the range, you don’t want your trip cut short because you need to go home and adjust your firearm.

Also, consider bringing a notebook and a pen so that you can log any information about shots you make, techniques that have been working well, and any other relevant information.

A Quality Gun Range Bag

Finally, you need somewhere to store all your equipment. You should invest in a durable bag, so you don’t need to replace it regularly. Additionally, make sure it’s big enough to store both your firearm and all your accessories.

The best gun range bags have separate compartments for each component you need to bring. If you can find one that has space for a mid-shoot snack, that’s even better.

Your Ultimate Gun Range Checklist

With this comprehensive yet straightforward gun range checklist, you’ll be able to have the shooting experience of your dreams. Feel like a pro (and a true American) when you turn up with all the kit that others have to hire instead.

Once you’ve got the best firearm, ammunition, a bag, and protection, you’ll be ready to go!

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