Addiction is an incredibly dangerous disease that can affect anyone. Learn the warning signs of addiction in order to find the treatment you need.

The Top 5 Warning Signs of Addiction

When a person is addicted, their entire lives may be affected. The worst thing is that the addiction makes the user oblivious to the imminent destruction. And this destruction can affect their family.

What is known as the most typical addiction is to drugs and alcohol. These are prohibited substances and should be avoided.

When an excessive desire for any of this is experienced and is affecting the users’ lives, health, and family relations, then these are the warning signs of addiction. To learn about these signs, read on!


1. Loss of Control

This sign can manifest itself in different ways, but the main component of a loss of control is the inability to recognize and resist the urge to use the drug or engage in addictive behavior. An addict may feel powerless to stop and may find that the addiction is becoming more powerful.

People who are struggling with addiction might ignore their responsibilities and relationships, find that substance use has become a financial struggle, and find that their usual self-control is slipping away. 

2. Relationship Problems

If a person cries out for help despite frequent attempts to hide their problem, the partner must take this seriously and provide help. If a partner has become evasive and unengaged in a relationship, this can signal that the individual is turning to outside influences to cope. If the partner is constantly getting into arguments or making excuses for their behaviors, it is time to step in. 

3. Changes in Behavior

If a person displays sudden or severe changes in behavior, it could be a sign of addiction. Sudden or unexplained changes in mood can indicate that someone is abusing substances, such as becoming:

  • irritable
  • withdrawn
  • anxious

More drastic changes in behavior, such as becoming secretive, aggressively confrontational, poor attendance, poor work performance, or exhibiting risk-taking behavior such as stealing or breaking the law, can be a sign of addiction.

It may be necessary to intervene and get them the help they need before their addiction spirals into an unmanageable situation.

4. Physical Symptoms

It may be true for someone with an addiction to become malnourished, experience drastic changes in weight, or have visible signs of drug abuse. Some may begin to feel tired and unmotivated even at reasonable times of day, as well as insomnia or too much sleep.

Tolerance is another indicator of when more of the substance is needed to achieve the same effects. If you’re noticing physical symptoms, be sure to research facts about teenage drug abuse.

5. Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping, otherwise known as prescription shopping is the act of attempting to obtain multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors, all of whom are unaware of the other prescriptions being taken.

Individuals engage in this behavior for a variety of reasons such as to obtain greater quantities of controlled substances or to obtain prescriptions from doctors with different specialties.

The warning signs of addiction to doctor shopping include increased appointments with multiple physicians, failure to adhere to recommended treatment plans, requesting specific medications, refusing to provide medical records, and claiming lost or stolen medications.

Read More About These Signs of Addiction

Signs of addiction are complicated and unique to every individual. It is important to be aware of the warning signs, whether they apply to you or someone else in your life.

Seeking help if addiction is suspected; it is best to get the right treatment and support. If you or someone you know may be facing an addiction, visit us today to learn more.

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