Before you hire a web developer, you need to ensure they are a good fit. Ask these eight questions to help you make your final choice.

The Top 8 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Web Developer

The global custom software development market was valued at $24.46 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 22.3% from 2022 to 2030. Are you considering hiring a web developer?

You’ve come to the right site about how to hire a web developer. A good web developer can help you transform your existing site into a SaaS and sustainable source of income. The web development process is the best place to be if you want your small business to expand.

You’ll find that the internet is a global marketplace where trade and commerce grow. It is ideal for your business and simple for people to see if you want to use the web to its fullest potential.  

Continue reading to learn more about the top questions to ask before you hire a web developer.


1. How Many Websites Have You Created?

It helps give you an idea of the extent of their experience. Consider your first time trying to drive a stick shift or swing a golf club. Was everything perfect? Most likely not.

Ensure your developer has years of experience if you want a custom website designed and developed. You want your new website to be a masterpiece, not a test run. The web designer gives you a list of previous jobs they’ve worked on and examples of the kinds of websites they’ve designed.

Ask about examples of the projects they have worked on, and if you can, visit a few of their websites. You’ll have a better idea of the quality of work they’re producing. How long it takes to complete each position would be another crucial topic to ask.

These kinds of inquiries will assist you in determining what is up to the task.

2. On What Platform Will the Website Be Built?

It is a question of whether the chosen platform will impact the website’s look, feel, and performance. Knowing the various options and what they can offer will ensure the website is built on a robust and secure platform that meets all your needs. Popular media include WordPress, Drupal, and Magento.

Be sure to determine which is best suited for your goals and budget. There are many popular web platforms. A web platform is your website’s base, upon which you will build the rest of your site.

Each has advantages and disadvantages, so consider which one you will construct.

3. What Research Do You Conduct Before You Begin Designing the Website?

This question will distinguish amateurs from professionals. The best developers will expand in the correct place. Your target market should be the starting point of your study, and your brand should evolve from there.

What are your objectives? What appeals to your target market the most? What distinguishes your particular brand? These are all necessary for creating a successful website.

4. What Strategies Would You Use to Ensure the Site Is SEO-Friendly?

SEO refers to the methods to guarantee your website offers up when searched. Only believe developers who say this happens after the site is designed. The most efficient SEO best practices are included in the design of your website.

We see full websites constructed with no SEO, and then the development team charges excessive fees to add these functionalities after the fact. Hiring a professional website developer may cost more upfront, but it will save you time and money. Check out Freeup pricing and find you have gained more in the long run.

5. What’s Your Area of Specialty?

No one is an expert at all things. And with good reason. You’ll always be mediocre if you try to be good at everything. Dig in with your potential web developer to determine their areas of expertise.

It may be a large e-commerce store. They may be experts at niche boutiques. Each web developer will have particular areas of expertise. Ensure your developer is a good match for your business.

6. How Much Will I Be Involved?

Perhaps the second part of this issue is, “How involved do I want to be?” Do you want to be a part of the process at every stage? Or would you sooner hand up your requirements and tell them to “take it away”? The most crucial aspect of this question is ensuring that your desires are met.

If you expect to grant approval and make adjustments throughout the road, make that clear from the start.

7. Will the Website Be Fully Editable?

Again, this one comes down to your individual wants and needs. Yet, if you expect to be able to make changes to text, banners, images, and other features without knowing the code, you need to establish this upfront. When complete, what will you be able to edit, and what will you need to pay someone to edit?

8. How Long Does Your Web Development Process Take?

Good web creation takes time. It is not a procedure that you should hasten. Yet, it is critical to grasp the timeframe. Different web development companies have diverse timetables ranging from a month or two to a year.

Much of this will also rely on your requirements, but you should be mindful before signing a check. Knowing when you will finish a project allows you to make appropriate plans. Understanding the development process is essential, as are any potential unforeseen challenges.

Knowing this can help you compare different web development companies more effectively. Make sure to inquire about the steps to ensure the project is finished on time.

Make the Most of the Essential Questions Before You Hire a Web Developer

Working with a web developer doesn’t need to be risky. Ask these eight essential questions before you hire one to be sure you are getting the best person for the job. Get the job done right by selecting an experienced, knowledgeable, and hard-working before you hire a web developer who can meet your needs.

It will enable you to discuss specifics and web development workflow and comprehend the project’s scope.

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