Not all traffic violations are created equal. When some will cost you more than others, it pays to know the worst types of traffic tickets you can get!

The Worst Types of Traffic Tickets You Can Get

Did you know that more traffic tickets are issued for speeding (24.6%) than anything else? The second most common reason for tickets (20.7%) is documentation issues, such as driving with an expired license or no license at all, or lacking insurance papers.

If you are wondering what are the worst traffic tickets you can get, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find out more about the worst types of traffic violations.


1. Speeding in a School Zone

This is considered one of the worst kinds of speeding tickets because you are essentially endangering the lives of schoolchildren when doing this. Avoid speeding in general but particularly in special zones, like school zones, construction zones, or hospital zones. Otherwise, you might end up hiring a lawyer for speeding-ticket help.

2. Driving While Impaired

Another one of those traffic violations that are considered to be highly dangerous since you are jeopardizing the lives of everyone on the road around you, be it pedestrians and/or other drivers. Leave your car at home and take transit or get a designated driver, if you know you will be drinking. Don’t risk this one.

3. Speeding More than 50 KM/Hr over the Speed Limit

As long as you are going over the speed limit, you are going to get a traffic ticket if you get caught by a traffic cop. But the worst is going 50 km/hr over the speed limit. At that point, you might have to get a traffic ticket lawyer, so you don’t lose your license or worse. This is why it is crucial that you read and obey all traffic and parking bay signs. It could not only save your life but also your money too.

4. Passing a School Bus with Flashing Red Lights

This is another one that is beaten into you from the first time you consider getting a driver’s license. Again, you are putting the lives of schoolchildren at risk, if you pass by a school bus with flashing red lights. Don’t do it!

5. Using a Cellphone While Driving

It’s so tempting, isn’t it? You think to yourself, it’s just going to take a minute and it’s not even that dangerous.

Well, while you are on your cellphone yapping away, you are paying minimal attention to the road (despite what you think). This is highly dangerous and that’s why the government places such importance on reducing distracted driving. Put your cellphone away or use a Bluetooth hands-free set to make calls if it’s absolutely unavoidable.

Avoid These Types of Traffic Tickets

Now you know which are the worst types of traffic violations on the streets of America and you can start driving more safely to avoid these traffic tickets. Not only will you end up paying a fine with a lot of these, but you could even lose your license in the process.

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