Living with someone with anxiety has its ups and downs. Learn how to support and understand your loved ones in their journey here.

Tips for Living With Someone With Anxiety

We all have our ups and downs. Sometimes we feel great, and other times we feel nervous or depressed.

If you’re living with someone with anxiety, you probably realize their ups and downs are different. Anxiety disorder affects many adults in the U.S. Their pressure might cause them to withdraw from friends and family.

If you’re learning to live with someone with anxiety, you must approach the situation with care and compassion. Here are a few guidelines to follow.


Set Boundaries

It is essential to respect each other’s need for space and privacy. It means sacrificing something you may want to do together. Try and be flexible in being able to readjust your plans and expectations if the other person’s anxiety flares up.

Agree on when to raise an issue or concern and practice compassion and empathy when discussing a difficult. Respect the need for “no” even if you want the other person to change their mind.

Allow the other person to practice healthy distractions or to escape into an alternate space when feeling overwhelmed. It creates a safe space for both individuals to feel comfortable and open when communicating.

Seek Professional Help

It is essential to remain patient and understanding, support, and seek professional help. Communicating openly and honestly with your partner will help create trust and accountability. Ask them what you can do to help them during difficult times.

Create a safe space for them to express themselves without judgment. Limit criticism, be empathetic, and if the need arises, help them with relaxation techniques or other appropriate coping mechanisms. Offer comfort and support them through anything that comes their way.

If you want to help someone with anxiety attacks, seek professional help. Professional counselors and therapists can provide resources, treatment, and other tools to help manage anxiety.

It is important to remember that everyone’s concern is different and requires different forms of support. A professional will know how to deal with anxiety and give them anxiety therapy.

Be a Calming Presence

It’s important to stay supportive and provide reassurance. Showing patience and compassion can go a long way. Try to stay on the same page with the person and support any decisions that are made.

Practice active listening and do not gloss over emotions. This helps to validate the experience of the person with anxiety. Another tip is to encourage the person to seek professional help if necessary.

Finally, establish healthy boundaries and self-care practices. Stay focused on all aspects of life, including work and social activities. This helps to create a sense of structure and can be calming for someone dealing with anxiety. 

Speak with Compassion

Listen to what they have to say without judgment, as sharing their experiences with someone can often be helpful for someone with anxiety. Avoid assumptions and criticism, even jokingly, as these can negatively affect you.

Offer helpful advice when appropriate to help them find positive solutions to their problems, such as suggesting professional help like therapy or meditation. Show empathy by validating their feelings and experiences even if you don’t fully understand them. 

Follow These Tips for Living With Someone With Anxiety

Living with someone with anxiety can be difficult, but having practical tactics for doing so can help. When feeling overwhelmed, offer a listening ear and understanding, and create a safe space. These tactics can help create a more positive and healthy relationship.

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