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Troy Hunt Exposes Carding Mafia 300k Archive by Franceschi Bicchierai: Vice

Almost 300k accounts on Carding Mafia found after the forum was hacked, according to data breach notification service Have I Been Pwneds Troy Hunt, says Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai from Vice.

A total of 300k users’ email addresses, IP addresses, usernames, and hashed passwords were allegedly leaked in a data breach last week, according Troy Hunt. The data breach was announced by Have I Been Pwned on Tuesday.

There was no sign that Carding Mafia users had been warned on the forum’s Telegram channel or forum, which has more than 500,000 users. The site administrator did not immediately respond to an email about the topic.

Troy Hunt, who founded Have I Been Pwned, says he confirmed the data breach. The Mailinator service allows anyone to create temporary email addresses, and Troy Hunt noticed that these addresses were present in the data breach and were listed on the forum.

Troy Hunt Carding Mafia 300k Franceschi Bicchierai Vice

‘Another hacking-hackers story,’ Hunt said.

We were not provided with any data, so we cannot independently verify the breach.

Carding Mafia’s data was purportedly stolen from another hacking forum on January 27 this year, and advertised on it.

It is possible to link pseudonymous users across different forums if user information is hacked. Law enforcement agencies might also use the stolen data to attempt to identify criminals who are hiding behind pseudonyms.

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