Are you an audiophile that wants to upgrade the music in the car? Here are the many different types of car speakers that exist today.

What Are the Different Types of Car Speakers That Exist Today?

Analysts expect the value of the automotive speaker market to surpass $9 billion by 2030. The surge in demand has many consumers searching for the best car speakers available.

Are you an audiophile looking for types of car speakers to enhance your ride? Do you know the different speaker types that exist to complete your system?

The following guide will explain the different kinds of automotive speakers and what they do. Read on and learn how to get the best audio for your vehicle.


Component Speakers

These systems consist of several different speakers and drivers. The components get installed in multiple locations of your vehicle. They’re ideal for customization but difficult to set up correctly without professional help.

Separate speakers handle the bass, middle, and high frequencies of the system. External crossovers are used to control all of the signals.

Component speakers have excellent sound and build quality. However, they’re usually expensive because they require so many separate parts.


Subwoofers usually produce the lowest possible sound frequencies that range from 20-200 Hertz. The low bass gives depth and power to your audio.

The best subwoofer setup works using a custom enclosed box to contain and direct the bass. Subwoofers are typically located under seats, behind seats, or inside the trunk. Their standard sizes range from 8 inches to 15 inches.

Mid-Range Speakers

Midrange speakers handle the middle-range frequencies of your audio system. They usually reproduce sound in the 250-2000 Hertz range. This adds clarity that subwoofers and tweeters can’t.

Midrange speakers are important because they create the main detail of your system’s sound. The speakers are typically round in shape and placed inside your vehicle’s doors. They’re usually only 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches in size.

Tweeters And Super-Tweeters

Tweeters create the highest sound frequencies that range from 2,000 to 20,000 Hertz. They give clarity to sounds in music like vocals and cymbals.

Tweeters are usually the smallest component in a speaker setup. They’re placed higher up in vehicles than most drivers. Their sizes range from half an inch to 1.5 inches.

Super-Tweeters are even smaller and handle ultra-high frequencies. They prevent distortion of frequencies over 20 kHz.

Coaxial Speakers

Most vehicle manufacturers use coaxial setups for their standard speaker systems. Coaxial speakers provide a full range of sound combined into a single unit.

Typically, they’re made up of different-sized woofers with an attached tweeter. The tweeter usually sits at the top or on a pole that runs through the middle of the woofer.

Coaxials use built-in crossover capabilities that take the input signal and splits it into different frequencies. Then, the coaxial system allocates the various signals to different parts of the speaker.

Understanding Types Of Car Speakers

Now you know the different types of car speakers needed to complete your system. Subwoofers handle low frequencies while mid-range speakers and tweeters handle higher frequencies and add clarity. 

The customization and arrangement of automotive speakers are totally up to your imagination! Check out our auto section for more helpful tips and fascinating information.

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