There are several different causes of knee injuries. Learn more about the common types of knee injuries by checking out this guide.

What Are the Main Types of Knee Injuries?

If you fear that you have suffered a knee injury of some kind, you’re not the only one. Across the board, knee injuries are becoming more and more common across America. Part of the reason for this is simply because Americans are spending more time outdoors and exercising more than usual, part of a pandemic-era uptick in fitness that was bound to coincide with a rise in fitness-related injuries.

In addition, young people are participating in organized sports are near-record levels, often without the prerequisite knowledge on safety and how to prevent sports-related injuries, of which knee damage is the most common type. If you fear you have a knee injury, it is worth knowing what the most common types of knee injuries are, so that you know whether you need to book yourself in for some knee surgery. Read this two-minute explainer to find out. 


1. Knee Fractures

This is probably the most common type of knee injury, one that can also be the most serious and may mean you need to start finding a surgeon that can treat it. These occur when the knee is overextended or forced to move in a way that it shouldn’t – something that commonly happens during sports such as soccer or trampolining.

Sometimes fractures are not serious, but they usually require intervention, as the bone needs to be set and immobilized to allow it to heal. 

If you suspect this, you need to start looking for surgeons near me. Make sure to only choose a qualified orthopedics clinic that specializes in injuries such as this. If you get treatment right the first time, your fracture will not cause problems later in life. 

2. Torn Tendons

Tendon tears are routine injuries in the knee muscles that can happen to anyone and are most likely to occur in middle-aged people as a result of running or jumping. Stretched tendons tend to heal on their own with minimal intervention, but they can be very painful for at least a few days. 

3. Knee Ligament Injuries

Ligament injuries happen when the ligaments that keep the knee in place are overextended, causing them to stretch or tear. These also vary in severity. A mild ligament injury (Grade I) is barely noticeable and will heal on its own in a couple of weeks. However, a Grade III injury, in which the whole knee is swollen and very painful, will require quick medical intervention.

4. Dislocated Knee

A knee dislocation can occur as a result of an impact, such as a fall or car crash. In this case, the knee will be knocked out of place and it will not move as it should. If you suspect a dislocated knee, you must go to the doctor immediately. They can re-set the knee into place to allow it to heal.

5. Torn Meniscus

Meniscus tears occur as a result of sudden changes in motion or speed. They are very common among soccer players, who often make sudden turns and pivots. The meniscus can also tear if it is worn out over time. In the vast majority of cases, a torn meniscus will heal on its own with rest and OTC pain relief.

Now That You Know the Different Types of Knee Injuries…

Now that you know the different types of knee injuries, you can make a more informed decision about your treatment. If you have any other health questions that you need straightforward advice or information on, we have got you covered. Make sure to consult our dedicated health guides to learn more.

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