If you're new to vaping, there are several options that you have to choose from. This guide breaks down the different types of vapes.

What Are the Most Common Types of Vapes?

Are you thinking of buying a vape?

Using a vape comes with tons of benefits, such as its portability, discreetness, and usability. Yet, when you’re first looking into buying one, it can seem overwhelming to know which is right for you.

There are many different vapes out there, but it doesn’t need to be stressful to know where to start. Keep reading for your guide on the most common types of vapes.


Vape Basics

Vapes are broken into two main categories, nicotine vapes, and cannabis vapes. Within these categories, the vapes differ based on their equipment and how you use them.

Yet, most vapes have three main parts that you should be aware of: the tank, the battery, and the atomizer.

The tank is where you will put your substance, either nicotine or cannabis. The battery powers the vape, and the atomizer is the heat source.

Now, let’s explore the different kinds of vapes.

Nicotine Vapes

When browsing through your vaping options, you’ll most likely already know if you want a nicotine or cannabis vape. Or, you might want to try both.

When you use a nicotine vape, you’ll be using DIY e-liquids or store-bought e-liquids, which contains varying amounts of nicotine. This is why nicotine vapes are often used as a way to quit smoking cigarettes.

There are four main types of nicotine vapes: Cig-A-Like, Vape Pen, Modified E-Cigarette, and Pod Mod.

A Cig-A-Like vape is very comparable to smoking a cigarette, and it has a very simple design. This is an excellent vape for beginners because it requires very little maintenance. A vape pen is similar to a cig-a-like but is larger and has a more powerful battery.

A modified e-cigarette, also known as a “mod,” are more powerful vapes that create more significant clouds. A Pod Mod is as powerful as a modified e-cigarette but is as portable as a cig-a-like, giving you the best of both worlds.

When it comes to vaping for beginners, many mistakes can be made. Read more info here to learn how to avoid these mistakes.

Cannabis Vapes

Among your vaping options include cannabis vapes, which can be used with CBD, THC, concentrates, or dry herb.

You will find vape and oil pens designed for cannabis. These are similar to the nicotine vape pens but are made to be filled with cannabis concentrate instead of e-liquid.

There are vapes that can switch between concentrates and dry herb, as well as vapes that only use dry herb. These are often a bit larger than vape pens but are still very portable.

Lastly, there are desktop cannabis vapes, which are larger vapes that use convection heating and require a tube for the mouthpiece.

These are often not recommended for beginners because there is a more intense setup, but they are also considered the most effective vapes.

Explore the Different Types of Vapes

As there are so many different types of vapes out there, there is sure to be one that suits your needs. Browse through your various options today!

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