What to Expect When Getting a Tooth Filling

What to Expect When Getting a Tooth Filling

When 92% of adults have dental caries or cavities in their teeth, it means there’s a good chance you’ll have to get a filling one day. 

A tooth filling is one of the most common treatments for cavities. Cavities occur when your teeth have started breaking down because of the bacteria in dental plaque. This plaque builds up from bad oral hygiene habits and certain types of food and drinks. 

But going for any kind of dental procedure can be scary, even if it’s just filling a cavity. Knowing all the information beforehand can be helpful in calming you before the procedure. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about getting a dental filling. 


What Is a Cavity Filling?

Tooth fillings are exactly what they sound like – a material is put into your cavity to fill it, so there is no longer a cavity there. 

There are a few different materials for fillings. The most common options are combinations of metal, a gold or ceramic filling, or composite resins to make it look like there isn’t a filling at all. 

The reason cavity removal is important is because the cavity will keep growing until either the nerve is exposed or the cavity becomes infected and turns into an abscess. Both of these options are incredibly painful and have a much more intense treatment option. 

If you think you might need a filling, contact SkyRidge Dental for assistance. 

Before Your Tooth Cavity Filling

There isn’t too much preparation you need to do before the procedure. Let your dentist know about any medical issues you have so they can adjust their prescription medications accordingly if necessary. 

During the Tooth Filling

This is the part people are scared about. You stay awake for the whole procedure, and it isn’t very scary at all. 

The dentist puts some numbing gel around the tooth that is getting the filling. This makes it less painful when they inject the anesthetic for the procedure since that is often the scariest part. 

Once the anesthetic takes effect, you won’t feel too much. The dentist will drill away the damaged part of the tooth, then fill the space with the appropriate filling material. 

After the Tooth Filling

The numb part of your mouth will slowly get feeling back over the next few hours. This is because the anesthetic slowly wears off. 

Your dentist will give you guidance on some foods and drinks to avoid for a few days while the filling is fresh. This is to make sure the filling isn’t damaged when it’s still fresh, and because your tooth will be sensitive for a few days. 

After a few days of healing, you’ll be back to normal!

Getting a Tooth Filling

The process of getting a tooth filling isn’t as scary as it seems, once you know what to expect. 

Keep on the lookout for cavities, and get a dentist to take care of them as soon as you see them. This will keep your teeth healthier for much longer. 

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