When hiring an attorney to help with your case, there are a few traits and qualities you should be looking for. This guide will explain what these are.

What You Should Look for When Hiring an Attorney

There are around 1.3 million licensed attornies in the United States. That means if you’re hiring an attorney, you have a lot to choose from!

So just how exactly do you narrow your choices down and pick the right one?

This is what you need to look for. 


Professionalism and Warmth

When looking for a lawyer, you should make sure the one you choose strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth.

Ultimately, this is a business relationship, not a friendship, and you’re hiring them for your expertise. You should still, however, feel like your lawyer is on your side.

You also need to feel like you can trust them because getting legal help requires being completely honest with your attorney. If you’re lying to them because you feel uncomfortable or even judged, then you aren’t going to get the best out of the service and you need to ensure you find someone you can open up to.

Lots of Experience

Is it possible for a new lawyer to be very knowledgeable and do a great job? Of course.

However, if you want the most quality attorney around, you’re going to need to find someone with plenty of experience. The last thing you want is to be part of a new lawyer’s learning curve.

You can do this by asking them or looking at their website, but you should ensure they have experience with the specific area of the law you require help with. 

The Hardy Law Firm, for example, has plenty of experience in multiple matters.

Good Reviews

Most good lawyers will have reviews available on their website or somewhere else if you search the internet. It’s important to read these reviews and take them on board.

While you can’t please everyone, the lawyer you hire should have a good overall rating. You can also do a deep dive into the reviews to read what they did well and what clients feel they didn’t do well.

Reasonable Cost

It’s also important to ensure a lawyer is within your budget. However, although you need to ask for the cost and take it into account, you also shouldn’t use the cost as your only deciding factor.

More experienced and simply better lawyers tend to be more expensive. Bear in mind that you often get what you pay for!

Still, it’s important to know this, as you don’t want to hire a lawyer you can’t actually afford.

Hiring an Attorney Is Daunting

Hiring an attorney can be daunting but as long as you bear these things in mind and know what to look for, you should be fine. Check out their reviews, ask about their experience, make sure you can afford them, and make sure you trust them enough to be completely honest with them.

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