Where to buy a 55 gallon drum of gasoline?

Where to buy a 55 gallon drum of gasoline?

If you have frequent needs for gas, like for a fleet of vehicles, a truck or an expensive car that you drive all the time, you are probably fed up with going to the gas station all the time. It could be preferable to buy a 55 gallon drum. You can consider getting one for free if you have some time and determination. But if you don’t have time, where to buy a 55 gallon drum of gasoline? Here are some tips to find one.

3 websites to buy a 55 gallon drum of gasoline

  1. 55GallonKing

Believe it or not, there are some websites where you can compare the prices of drums, and find the best solution to get gasoline for a low price. The best one for this is 55GallonKing. On this website, you can find the best prices for drums of gasoline, but also drums of motor oil, kerosene, DEF or stainless steel 55 gallon drums.

The prices are updated in real time, and new merchants of 55 gallon drums are added to the website every day. That’s definitely a website you should try in order to find the best solution for your purchase!

  1. eBay

A popular place to look for both new and secondhand products is eBay. The fact that you can use eBay without leaving your home is one of its benefits. You may typically have your goods delivered right to your house. Of course, you can also decide to pick up the item yourself to avoid paying delivery costs.

You may use a variety of filters on this site, which is a terrific feature. A specific 55-gallon drum model is relatively simple to get. Even the price range you’re willing to spend for it might be specified.

For instance, you can pick the 55-gallon drum of gasoline you want based on its type, condition, brand, and even color. If you’re willing to pay for a 55 gallon drum, eBay is unquestionably one of the first places you should investigate.

  1. McMaster-Carr

An Illinois-based private supplier of supplies, equipment, and hardware goes by the name McMaster-Carr. Its 10 locations can be found in Illinois, Ohio, Georgia, California, and New Jersey, among other states. If there isn’t a store nearby, you can nevertheless order from the McMaster-Carr website.

On the McMaster-Carr website, you may sort 55 gallon drum results by material and other attributes. Materials include plastic, iron, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, zinc, fiber, brass, and steel. The color and style of the drum are further options.

  1. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of your best bets if you’re looking for 55 gallon drums. You may sort the postings on Craigslist, a website dedicated to classified ads, by location. You won’t need to sift through a newspaper to find what you’re looking for as a consequence.

A personal advertisement in which you request free 55 gallon drums is another option. Bonus points if you have a truck to pick them up because that improves the likelihood that someone will reply to you.

  1. Facebook Marketplace

Along with Facebook Marketplace, Facebook offers a range of groups for buying and selling activities. You can find almost anything you want through these platforms. Even a wide range of free products are left for pickup by neighbors on their front lawn.

Facebook has a search function within groups and the Marketplace that allows you to narrow down your search. Naturally, there is no assurance that you will discover anything, but perseverance pays dividends.

3 places where you can buy a 55 gallon drum of gasoline

  1. Car Dealerships

Automobile dealerships get a range of liquids connected to automobiles in bulk, including diesel and gasoline. Dealerships are considerably more likely to have a lot of 55 gallon drums of gasoline lying around if they have a maintenance staff.

Be sure to fully clean these barrels before utilizing them as many of them contain something harmful. If they can clean it for you beforehand, ask them to do so; they might have no trouble rapidly spraying the drums. Still, be sure to clean the drum after you receive it anyway for a double rinse.

  1. Auto Repair Shops

Another great area where to buy 55 gallon drums of gasoline is auto repair companies. Large drums are frequently used to transport different lubricants and other liquids to vehicle repair facilities.

Naturally, you’ll need to clean the drum before using it. Cleaning the drum before using it again is always the best course of action, even if it didn’t contain any harmful substances.

  1. Global Industrial

You might be able to visit your neighborhood Global Industrial distribution facility, depending on where you are. Currently, Global Industrial has locations in Texas, New Jersey, Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a Global Industrial store nearby, you can choose from a variety of 55 gallon drum styles. However, the majority of the drums cost between $1,200 and $1,300, making them rather expensive.


It can be difficult to find a 55 gallon drum of gasoline, but it is completely feasible; start by checking out a specialized website on the prices of a 55 gallon drum, or Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.

Auto shops, vehicle washes, and dealerships are just a few local businesses that occasionally have free drums available. Additionally, you can get in touch with paint suppliers, industrial waste collectors, junkyards, and scrap dealers.

You can also buy new or used 55 gallon drums of gasoline if you don’t want to go through the hassle of looking for free ones. There are many good choices, including Global Industrial, eBay, and McMaster-Carr.

There are a number of things you can do with a 55 gallon drum of gasoline once you get it! In addition to driving your car, you can make one-of-a-kind furniture from reused items like nightstands or chairs, or transform your cooking with a 55 gallon drum smoker, stove, or grill.

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