Is your garage in desperate need of a modern update? Check out this must-read guide for some awesome garage renovation ideas!

4 Great Tips For Garage Renovation

Did you know that the word garage derives from the French word garer which means to shelter?

That’s exactly what your garage should do. It should be somewhere to keep your vehicles safe and your tools organized. But if your garage gets damp and you keep finding more and more issues with it, you should consider a garage renovation.

Renovating will help you feel more inspired to use those DIY tools more and it could increase the value of your house. Check out these tips for your garage remodel if you’re not sure how to get started!


1. Switch Out Your Garage Door

Your garage door is the key (pun intended!) to the security and safety of whatever is inside. You must have a strong, impenetrable garage door to deter criminals and keep bad weather at bay.

Opt for a remote-powered door for ease of access. A roll-up garage door is perfect if you are short on driveway space.

Don’t want your garage door to impair the curb appeal of your home? Opt for a cedar, hardboard door with paneling. As long as you repaint it when it starts looking dirty, your door will look beautiful and brand new for years!

2. Invest in a Durable Garage Floor

The most important (yet often overlooked) part of a garage renovation is the garage floor. Depending on your garage projects, it goes through a lot of beating. Choose a resurfacing material that is durable and slip-safe.

Use a floor buffer to remove any residual paint or other materials from spills. Clean it well with a degreaser or industrial cleaner. Then, coat your garage floor with epoxy resin which is a super-strong material that adds a nice sheen too.

If you need advice on which resin to choose, Garage Force is stronger than epoxy And unless you want to resurface your garage floor in a few years, you should pick the best.

3. Use Built-in Shelves for Storage

DIY tools, fishing rods, car parts, sports equipment… There are so many things you need to store in your garage!

After decluttering items you no longer use, build wooden storage across one wall of your garage. If you have lots of small objects like screws, invest in plastic containers (with labels!) and put them on shelves. For larger objects like rods, hang them on the wall.

You could also use your ceiling space for equipment you do not use often.  Install overhead garage storage racks on the ceiling of your garage to slide plastic boxes onto.

4. Don’t Forget Sealant and Insulation

Garages are indoor/outdoor spaces which means they are more vulnerable to the elements. Use sealants on your door frames and any gaps and cracks you can spot.

If you live in a colder climate, consider adding extra insulation to the interior of your garage door. Not only will this make your garage warmer but it might save you money on your energy bills, too!

Ramp Up Your Garage Renovation With These Tips

Unlike other rooms in your house, your garage renovation needs to put substance before style. And if you follow these tips, you will have a functional and pleasing garage where you will want to spend more time.

Now that you’ve revamped your garage, why not consider upgrading your motor? Browse our auto articles for lots of advice and car inspiration!

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