Pregnancy is different for everyone, but we can all agree that these myths about pregnancy are untrue and outdated. Click here for a quickly reality check.

4 Myths About Pregnancy No One Should Believe

As an expecting mom, your main priority is the health and safety of your baby. But have you ever wondered if all of the myths about pregnancy are actually true? Well, you’d be surprised to learn that you’ve spent years believing certain things about pregnancy that are absolutely false.

With that said, continue reading to learn more about pregnancy myths.


1. Creams Prevent Stretch Marks

Creams are great for fading stretch marks, but there is no cream that can prevent them. However, moisturizing your skin can help to keep it in good condition so that it heals faster.

But it’s not good to believe that if you rub a serum on your belly that you won’t experience stretch marks. That setting yourself up to feel like you did something wrong or there is something abnormal about your body.

2. You’ll Know the Sex of the Baby by Your Tummy

Most people believe that they can determine the sex of a baby by the positioning of the stomach. The myth is that if a woman’s stomach is sitting up high that it’s a girl, and if it’s down low that it’s a boy. But the only true way to find out the sex of a baby is to get an ultrasound and have a doctor review images of the fetus internally.

3. Sex Will Hurt Your Baby

Most women believe that having sex while pregnant can potentially hurt their baby. However, the penis can’t go past the vagina. That means that it has no way of actually physically touching the baby.

Your fetus is surrounded by a thick muscle wall known as the uterus., So there’s no need to worry. As long as you’re having a healthy pregnancy, neither sex nor orgasms will cause early labor or a miscarriage.

4. You Can’t Exercise While Pregnant

One of the primary myths about pregnancy is that pregnant women can’t exercise. For many years women have sat on the sidelines and skipped their fitness routine in order to protect their child. However, exercising is good practice, and it’s healthy for the baby and for you.

If you are someone who loves to be physically active, continue your exercise regimen once you’ve talked to your doctor. But just be careful not to do things like jumping, holding your breath, excessive stretching, and hot yoga.

Speaking of staying healthy, a well-working digestive system is also key to a comfortable pregnancy. With that said, check out these prenatal vitamins with stool softeners.

Disregard Myths About Pregnancy

There are so many myths about pregnancy, that it’s easy to get swept away in all of the lies. You want your pregnancy to be enjoyable, and believing falsehoods isn’t the best way to get through your nine months. So, disregard the lies and focus on having a happy, healthy baby.

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