Are you searching for a dental specialist? Read this to discover what you need to know about different types of dental specialists!

4 Types of Dental Specialists You Need to Know

Do you want whiter teeth? Dental cleanings can boost your confidence by removing tough stains and tartar. Drilling and polishing your teeth can be uncomfortable, too.

Sometimes, regular cleaning isn’t enough to stop tooth decay. That’s when you need a dental specialist to intervene. But how do you know who to call?

There are so many dental specialists that it can be overwhelming to even imagine. Keep reading to identify the most common for dentists.


1. Endodontist

When addressing dental issues, an endodontist is an invaluable specialist to consider. These experts are responsible for preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases related to the soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity.

They offer root canal treatments, which involve removing infected or otherwise damaged tooth pulp.

Endodontists also perform various procedures such as surgical and nonsurgical root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, endodontic surgery, and root resection. 

They also place implants, and crowns, perform aesthetic fillings and apply fixed prosthetic appliances. Endodontists are vital for addressing issues in the dental pulp and getting to the root of the problem.

2. Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists are a dental specialist types that specialize in taking care of children’s teeth. They first assess the patient’s needs and determine the treatment option that best fits their age and dental state.

These experts focus on preventive care such as dental check-ups, fluoride treatments, and cleanings. Pediatric dentists also perform various services to improve oral health, such as:

  • sealants
  • fillings
  • crowns
  • bridges

Certain issues, such as cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease could be addressed efficiently and quickly with a professional pediatric dentist. 

3. Orthodontist

An orthodontist specializes in diagnosing, preventing, and treating malocclusions, such as misaligned bites, a broad palate, crooked teeth, and denture repairs.

It is their job to design, fabricate, and keep track of the progress of orthodontic appliances like braces, retainers, and headgear. They can also help with thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting habits.

When choosing an orthodontist, it is important to do research and make sure they are certified and have the qualifications to practice. Orthodontists must complete advanced studies beyond dental school and take specific tests to receive certification. 

4. Oral Surgeon

An Oral Surgeon is a dental specialist focusing on dentistry’s surgical aspect. They specialize in diagnosing and treating diseases, defects, and injuries to the teeth, jaw, and related facial structures.

Oral Surgeons are usually the last stop for a more complex and serious dental issue, and their services are usually required when other treatments do not work.

This dentist typically performs complex surgeries, such as tooth extractions, root canals, and jaw reconstructions. Oral Surgeons may also be involved in cosmetic procedures, such as dental implants and facial reconstruction.

They also work closely with other specialists, like orthodontists and periodontists, to provide their patients the best possible dental care.

Choose the Best Dental Specialists Today

Choosing the right dental specialists is a key factor in preserving your teeth and keeping a healthy smile. By doing research and conducting interviews you can be sure you are choosing the best dental professional to meet your needs.

Don’t delay, make the right decision today!

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