Detailing your car properly requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are common car detailing errors and how to avoid them.

5 Common Car Detailing Errors and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that the average new car depreciates around 20% after the first year? If you want to reduce how much your car depreciates, you should take care of your vehicle mechanically, avoid driving it too much and clean your vehicle. 

Car detailing takes cleaning your car a step further. This includes deep cleaning the car’s interior, removing stains, removing blemishes from the exterior, and applying wax. 

What are some common car detailing errors? Keep reading to learn more about the car detailing process. 


1. Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when detailing your car is using the wrong car cleaning supplies. If you use soap that is not intended for vehicles, you risk damaging the protective coating on your car’s paint. 

You also should avoid using the wrong cleaners for glass when cleaning your windows. Household glass cleaners can damage your car seats, so choose a glass cleaner made specifically for cars. 

2. Detailing Your Car in the Sun

Another mistake you can make when detailing your car is doing it in direct sunlight. When you detail your vehicle in the sun, your car is more likely to dry before you can dry it with a towel. 

Allowing your car to dry in the sun will result in water spots, meaning you will need to wash your vehicle again. Your windows are also more likely to streak when you wash your car in sunlight. 

3. Leaving Water on Your Car

If you leave water on your car after washing it, your vehicle will have water spots and streaks. Anytime you wash your car, use a microfiber towel to dry it off. 

A microfiber towel is less abrasive than a regular towel. If you leave hard water on your car, you can cause damage over time. Hard water contains minerals that can damage your paint. 

4. Using Too Much Car Wax

When detailing your car, you should avoid using too much wax. The first layer of wax is important to protect your vehicle, and the second layer of wax protects the first layer. 

Anything beyond two layers of wax is a waste of wax, money, and time. If you add more than two layers, the wax will no longer stick to the previous layers. To apply car wax, use a soft cloth to make small circles on your car.  

5. Waiting Too Long to Clean

Another car detailing mistake is waiting too long to detail your vehicle. If you don’t detail your car regularly, your seats are more likely to stain, or your paint may have permanent damage. 

As soon as your spill something in your car, take it to a car detailer. If you are ready to stop waiting and have your car professionally cleaned, you can get local car detailing here.

Are You Ready to Avoid These Common Car Detailing Errors?

If you want to keep your car in optimal shape, you should hire someone to detail your vehicle. Some of the most common car detailing errors include using the wrong products, detailing in direct sun, and using too much wax. 

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