Lawyers can help in a variety of situations. Discover the top signs that it's time for you to consult a lawyer about your specific situation here.

5 Signs You Need to Consult a Lawyer

Labor statistics show that there are currently more than 804,000 lawyers working in the United States. While it might seem excessive that two-thirds of the world’s lawyers are American, the average US citizen will need to consult a lawyer at some point in their life, while many need legal assistance a lot more often. 

But what kinds of reasons might you have for needing to consult with a lawyer? Keep reading for some key signs that you need to seek legal advice. 


1. You’ve Been Involved in an Accident 

If you’ve sustained injuries as a result of some kind of accident, whether it’s a fall or a car crash, you should seek legal advice from a specialist personal injury attorney. As you’ll see when you click here, finding a local, experienced attorney for your case can make a huge difference to the outcome. 

2. You’re Going Through a Family Upheaval

From messy divorces to updating a dying family member’s will, there are all kinds of domestic and relationship issues that call for the services of a family lawyer. Family upheavals can get complicated fast so it’s often best to seek legal advice at the first sign of trouble. Doing so can prevent the chance of encountering more problems and more expense down the road. 

3. You’re Facing Criminal Charges

Even if you qualify for the services of a public defender, you can consult a lawyer for free to find out more about the charges against you and the chance of being convicted. Depending on these signs, you may want to pay for the services of a private defender to have a 12 percent better chance of avoiding a conviction. 

4. You Want to Contest a Lawsuit

If someone is suing you, it’s worth having a free consultation with a lawyer before you decide on your next course of action. If you’re willing to pay the amount requested then you can just plead no contest. But if you do want to contest a lawsuit, you’ll need the services of an experienced negotiator. 

5. You’re Experiencing Workplace Discrimination

Following workplace discrimination or wrongful termination, it’s common for individuals to wonder “how much is a consultation with a lawyer going to cost me, and is it worth pursuing this?” Taking on your employer can be daunting but a specialist attorney will be able to tell you straight away if you have a good case. And if you do, you’ll want them on your side. 

Signs That You Need to Consult a Lawyer

If you find yourself facing the legal system for any of these reasons and more, this is a clear sign that you should at least consult a lawyer to understand your situation better. They’ll then tell you whether or not you need an attorney and, if you do, they will either take your case or direct you to a lawyer who can best represent you. 

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