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Chevy Chase Net Worth: It’s No Laughing Matter

Chevy Chase is regarded as an irreplaceable figure in American comedy and has rightfully earned this title. With a versatile comedy-acting career across theater, radio, TV, music, and films spanning over four decades, he has had the chance and duration to build a substantial net worth. In November 2023, the Chevy Chase net worth, is estimated to be roughly $50 million

In this article, we shall highlight how the impressive Chevy Chase net worth came into existence as we uncover his life, career, and earnings, revealing the blueprint of his wealth accumulation.



Cornelius Crane “Chevy” Chase was born on October 8, 1943, in Lower Manhatten, New York.

Born to an upper-middle-class New York family, Chase is 1 of 5 siblings. Chase’s parents divorced when he was only four years old; his father soon remarried into the famed Folgers family, and his mother was remarried twice.

Chase attended Bard College in New York and graduated in 1967 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Before his comedy career, Chase’s many jobs included truck driver, cab driver, construction worker, busboy, motorcycle messenger, waiter, fruit picker, produce manager in a supermarket, theatre usher, salesman in a wine store, and audio engineer.

Early Career

Chase’s early comedy career began with an ensemble underground comedy troupe called ‘Channel One, which he co-founded in 1967. He also wrote for Spoof magazines around this time.

In 1973 Chase moved into full-time comedy when he became a writer and cast member of The National Lampoon Radio Hour. The show also starred Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, John Belushi, and Brian Doyle-Murray.

In 1975 Chase became an original cast member of the late-night comedy TV show ‘Saturday Night Live, which became a huge success.

In 1976 Chase moved into movies with ‘Tunnel Vision’, the box office hit ‘Foul Play, and ‘Oh! Heavenly Dog’.

In 1980 Chase starred in the comedy ‘Caddyshack.’ That same year, he reunited with ‘Foul Play’ co-star Goldie Hawn for ‘Seems Like Old Times and brought out his self-titled album with cover songs of Bob Marley, Randy Newman, and many more.

Throughout the 80’s, Chase had great success in movies, including comedy classics like ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation, ‘Fletch’ and the ‘Three Amigos.’ Chase also starred in Paul Simon’s second music video for ‘You can call me Al’ in 1986.

In the ’90s, Chase made some of his most financially lucrative films, 1992’s ‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man and 1994’s ‘Cops & Robbersons.’ They were critically panned and box office failures, but as an actor, his role’s in the films were some of the most of his career.

During the 2000s, Chase acted in several TV series, including ‘Law and Order, ‘Brothers and Sisters, ‘Chuck’ and ‘Family Guy.

From 2009-2014 Chase starred in the popular sitcom ‘Community’ created by Dan Harmon and starring Donald Glover.

General Info about Chevy Chase:

  • Name- Cornelius Crane Chase
  • Professional name- Chevy Chase
  • Date of Birth- October 8, 1943
  • Age- 77
  • Place of Birth- Lower Manhatten, New York
  • Nationality- American
  • Height- 6ft 4inches (1.9m)
  • Weight- 200lbs (90kgs)
  • Wives- Suzanne Chase (Married 1973–1976), Jacqueline Carlin (Married 1976–1980), Jayni Chase (Married 1982-present).
  • Children- 4
  • Hair Color- Grey/white
  • Eye Color- Dark brown
  • Horoscope- Libra
  • Chevy Chase Net Worth- $50 million

Contributors to Chevy Chase’s Net Worth

  • Television
  • Movies
  • Endorsements


When Chase first started on ‘Saturday Night Live,’ he reportedly earned $750 per week, which is equivalent to approximately $3,700 per week today. This was an impressive starting salary for a new job, and it likely increased as his popularity grew. Chase left ‘Saturday Night Live’ in late 1976 to pursue other career opportunities, but he occasionally returned for one-off specials, which undoubtedly augmented his income.

In the year 2009, the well-known actor Chase joined the cast of ‘Community’, a sitcom that was immensely popular during its run. He was a key part of the ensemble until the year 2014, contributing significantly to the show’s success. According to various reports that surfaced, it was suggested that the members of the cast were earning an estimated amount of approximately $30,000 for each episode they appeared in, over the course of a season that consisted of 25 episodes. Considering the level of fame and recognition that Chase had, it is likely that his salary was considerably more than the average cast member. This would suggest a conservative estimate of his earnings from the show to be around $2.5 million, spread across three seasons of the sitcom.


Once Chase transitioned to film in the late ’70s, his income saw a significant rise. He starred in several popular movies during this period, such as ‘Tunnel Vision’, ‘Foul Play’, ‘Oh! Heavenly Dog’, and ‘Caddyshack’. His peak earning years in film were between the ’80s and ’90s, featuring in hits like ‘National Lampoon Vacation’, ‘Fletch’, ‘Memoirs of an Invisible Man’, and ‘Cops and Robbersons’. During this time, Chase’s earnings ranged from $2 to $6 million per movie.


Chase has also increased his earnings by endorsing well-known brands such as Cola Turka, Aflac, and Doritos. These endorsements have significantly contributed to his income, particularly the Doritos advertisement. This ad humorously references Chase’s poorly received and prematurely cancelled TV talk show, ‘The Chevy Chase Show’, which was broadcast around the same time.

Closing Thoughts on The Net Worth of Chevy Chase

Although at times unpredictable, Chase has forged a comedy career that has been financially successful.

His career has faltered over the years through personal issues, changing times in comedy, and interpersonal industry issues. When he is in the zone and entirely in the limelight, he maximizes these financial opportunities and has boosted his fortune these times. His ability to maintain his wealth in non-limelight or work years is more impressive than that.

He is a talented, multi-skilled artist who will never be ready to retire. While holding on to that motivation in later years, he will continue to reinvent himself and inspire others to follow his lead, keep increasing wealth for his family, and impact the industry as a true icon should. Big up to you, Chevy!

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