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Debunking the Most Common Myths That Exist About Lead Generation

45% of new businesses fail within 5 years. Desperate to avoid the same fate?

Well, knowing how to generate leads will be central to your success!

Unfortunately, some misleading myths about lead generation have arisen over the years that muddy the waters around what’s involved. We decided to go through the most common myths and debunk them one by one to clear things up. Check them out!


Myth #1: You Don’t Need an Internet Presence

Despite the newfound dominance of digital platforms, many marketers continue to believe that traditional methods are best for generating leads. Don’t believe them! Things like direct mail and radio ads have their place, but a strong internet presence is now fundamental to finding new customers.

For example, a lawyer who’s looking into effective attorney lead generation strategies would benefit from creating a fast, well-designed website and setting their firm up on social media. By posting quality content, leveraging SEO, and interacting with people online, it’s a matter of time before potential clients start knocking on their door.

Myth #2: Quantity Beats Quality

Newbies to marketing tend to think that lead generation is a numbers game. The more the better! Surely, if you get enough people through the proverbial door, someone’s going to bite?

Perhaps! Yet smart marketing professionals know that not all leads are made equal.

To get the best bang for your buck, avoid wasting your marketing budget, and enjoy a first-rate ROI, a more effective approach is to prioritize quality over quantity. Your business will grow exponentially if you start attracting leads that are likely to convert in the first place.

Myth #3: New Leads Are More Important than Current Ones

Once someone’s making their way through your funnel, you should return your focus to attracting new leads, right? Wrong!

Remember: this isn’t a number’s game.

True success relies upon nurturing the leads you already have. Send them useful information, ask if you can help with anything, invite them to join competitions or giveaways, and give them discount codes. Make the effort to build your relationship with current leads and they’ll be ten times more likely to convert in the future.

Myth #4: One Landing Page Is Enough

Landing pages are pages on a website that users “land” on when they first click onto it (via an advert or web link, for instance). These pages might detail a new product, for example, and have a form for people to sign up via. They’re powerful lead generation tools, but you need more than one to leverage them to full effect!

Try creating a new landing page at every opportunity. They should be specific to whatever product you’re promoting and personalized for the people you’re targeting.

Don’t Forget These Debunked Lead Generation Myths

Successful lead generation is a crucial component of running a high-performing business. Unfortunately, innumerable myths exist that mislead marketers who don’t know any better! With any luck, the insights on best marketing practices in this post will prevent that eventuality and improve your marketing ROI in the process.

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