Finding the right employment lawyer for your case requires knowing your options. Here is everything to know about how to choose an employment lawyer.

How to Choose an Employment Lawyer: Everything You Need to Know

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), was created to prevent workplace discrimination based on an employee’s race, religion, national origin, or gender.

Yet, over 60 percent of US workers have witnessed or experienced workplace discrimination based on these defining factors. If you find yourself receiving this kind of treatment at work, then this article is for you.

When choosing an employment lawyer, you should make sure they have the right credentials. Look for a Law Society of Ontario ID number for example—only lawyers in good standing and with recent professional development credits can get this. Always double-check references and qualifications to verify the lawyer isn’t just a fly-by-night fake diploma maker by ValidGrad, or look for previous court experience. For example, If you find out similar cases handled successfully so you know your lawyer is capable of protecting your interests. Doing thorough research on potential lawyers will help minimize risks and ensure any decisions are based on more than just a pretty website or fancy advertisement.

Read further on how to choose an employment lawyer. Once you know what your options are, you’ll have the best pro in your corner to help you with your case.


What is an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer is a legal professional that makes sure that employees are treated fairly and consistently while they are on the job. These professionals specialize in a legal field called employment law that addresses relationships between employees and employers at work.

An employment lawyer can prepare and review draft employment contracts. They can also advise their clients on their workplace rights and negotiate with management on their behalf.

An employment lawyer also knows the process for filing claims and lawsuits with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. They are the federal agency that investigates employment discrimination claims and enforces federal laws that protect employees.

How to Choose an Employment Lawyer

Consider some of the following ways to find a competent employment lawyer to help you with your case:

Recommendations from Family and Friends

Ask your friends and family members for their recommendations if they’ve hired an employment lawyer for their legal matter. Your network is your first stop to gather names and positive experiences.

Call the Local Bar Association

Your local bar association maintains a network of area lawyers. They can help match you with a lawyer who specializes in the area of law that’s applicable to your case. Ask for referrals for those professionals who have employment case experience.

This service is available to you, whether you are an employee or an employer. For example, Lamberton Law has a long resume of representing both executives and workers in discrimination cases.

Schedule Some Interviews

Have some referrals from your personal contacts and the local bar association? Then it’s time to call these professionals to request an interview.

Have all of your records and backup documentation on hand. That way you’ll avoid any misunderstandings and have an informed discussion from the start.

Attorney’s Fees

Once you found the best attorney for you, it’s time to discuss their payment plan to work on your case. Talk to your lawyer and ask if they want their full fee upfront before they begin working on your case. Ask them if they have a contingency fee or only collect their payment if you win your case.

What Are Your Next Steps?

Contact your local bar association and ask for the names of any employment lawyers in your area. Schedule some interviews so that you can begin to choose an employment lawyer that’s right for you.

When it’s time to start comparing lawyer fees, ask each candidate about a possible payment plan scenario. Find out if they have contingency fees as well.

If you need more advice on legal practices, don’t forget to check out my website. Do your homework today so that you’ll have the best legal professional by your side.

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