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How to Keep Your Car Safe from Thieves

In the US, more than one million cars were stolen in 2022, according to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Thieves are using all kinds of new technology to steal cars from people’s driveways and parking lots. So these stats are an important reminder to protect your vehicle for your safety and peace of mind.

But how can you protect your car from thieves? Read on for a few tips and tricks on how to keep your car safe from car thieves.


Park in a Secure Area

You need to park in a secure area if you are concerned with car safety. Always try to park in a high-traffic area with lots of people around. You may also want to park in a garage or a parking lot that has good lighting to deter potential thieves.

Whenever possible, try to avoid dark, isolated areas. Always be aware if someone suspicious is nearby and trust your instincts if you feel unsafe.

Always Keep Your Keys With You

When leaving your car unattended, it’s crucial to have a plan in case you get locked out. Keep your keys with you, and consider having the contact information for an automotive locksmith stored in your phone. Make sure to carry them separately from any electronic keys such as a garage opener or door key and store them somewhere secure. And keep your hands free to be able to quickly grab the keys if trouble arises.

Invest in GPS Tracking Technology

One of the best ways to avid car theft is to invest in GPS tracking technology. This technology tracks the location of your vehicle in real time, so you can always know that your car is where it should be.

It utilizes a tracking device wired into the car and connected to a web-based portal. It will alert you via email or text when your car is moving. And you can even set up geo-fences that will alert you if your car leaves a specific area.

Make Use of a Car Alarm

A car alarm that is loud and noticeable to passers-by. So they can be a theft deterrent and will alert you if an unauthorized entry is taking place. To leverage the effectiveness of car alarms, make sure to turn them on before leaving your vehicle. And keep an eye out in case the alarm is triggered.

Have Extra Locks on Hand

To avoid ending up with a stolen car, investment in additional locks can be worthwhile. It may require some investment up front as hiring an auto locksmith can cost a significant amount. And it may also need additional effort on your part when locking your vehicle, but it is well worth the cost.

Keep extra locks on hand such as window locks, steering wheel and brake locks, and tire locks. Be sure to lock all doors when you go away from your car, and make sure to secure any windows that could be open as an entry point. This will help ensure the most secure protection for your vehicle.

Keep Your Car Safe With our Guide

Always remember, prevention is the best defense against theft. Park your car in a secure location, use GPS, and install a car alarm system. Taking extra steps to keep your car safe from theft helps ensure your car is protected from unwanted intruders.

So don’t skimp. Take steps to keep your car safe and sound today!

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