For the first period after giving birth, how long should it last? It may feel like a different experience than before. Here's what to expect.

My First Period After Giving Birth: How Long Should It Last?

Congratulations on giving birth! You’ve made it through the hardest yet most rewarding experience of your life. Now that your baby is here, you may be wondering about some more day-to-day concerns.

Getting your period back after having a baby is one of those questions. In some cases, a new mother can have her period return during her postpartum recovery.

What is the average duration of your first period after giving birth? How common is getting your period back immediately after childbirth?

Here’s everything you should know about your first period after giving birth and how long it should last.


Regular Period After Giving Birth

Your first period after giving birth can be a daunting experience. It is important to remember that it is normal for women to experience varied menstrual cycles for the first several months post-birth. Women may experience spotty or heavy bleeding, cramps, and additional discomfort.

Generally, one should expect their first postpartum period within 6-8 weeks after giving birth. But it can vary significantly based upon a variety of factors. It is important to note that this period is typically heavier than a regular period and may last longer, but it should be much lighter than one’s pre-pregnancy period. 

Factors That Affect Your Periods

The first period after giving birth will vary for each woman based on various factors affecting the pattern and length of the menstrual cycle. These factors include breastfeeding, rest and activity levels, hormonal imbalances, and other health conditions.

Breastfeeding is one of the more influential factors as it impacts the hormone production that affects cycles and ovulation. In general, some women can take up to nine months to get their period. This is while others may start theirs as early as three weeks postpartum. 

Additionally, irregular cycles are common for the first several months after childbirth. This means it may take some time for them to become regular.

Products That Can Help With Postpartum Period

There are a variety of products available that can help with periods after giving birth. Heat pads can relieve cramps and provide warmth to the abdominal area. There are also many natural medications and supplements available that can alleviate pain.

Adequate hygiene and nutrition are also important for a successful recovery. Additionally, it is wise to purchase non-irritating pads, tampons, and protective garments like panty-liners to avoid discomfort. Many birth control and period products can also help with post-birth periods.

It is also helpful for moms to get relaxed. You can even consider having a mommy makeover by Dr. Lind. This can be very beneficial to your physical and mental state.

Eating a balanced diet, taking the advised supplements, and being well-rested can help alleviate menstrual symptoms and make the experience much more bearable.

Knowing First Period After Giving Birth How Long Should It Last

The first post-birth period will vary from person to person, but typically it should last anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. Every subsequent period should return to normal eventually. If you are still concerned about your period, consult your healthcare provider for guidance. 

New parenthood can be challenging, especially for the mom, which is why knowing your first period after giving birth and how long should it last is essential.

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