What does a semi-truck accident lawsuit entail and what can you expect during the process? We explain the answers in this quick guide.

Navigating a Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuit: What to Expect During the Process

Car accidents are devastating and can you leave you financially drained. But what’s worse is when you were driving perfectly and you still get unexpectedly hit.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you should file a semi-truck accident lawsuit immediately! Keep reading to learn more about what the process entails.


What to Expect in a Semi-truck Accident Lawsuit

A truck accident lawyer will work with you to give you the best compensation based on your injuries. During the initial visit, the lawyer will have you explain the accident to the best of your ability.

They will then perform an investigation on the company and the driver to get a better understanding of what took place during the collision. Many times after truck accidents, you’ll hear the term “pain and suffering.”

Your pain and suffering can be quantified by emotional pain, physical pain, and property loss. Once your lawyer has established the level of pain and suffering then they can start negotiating a semi-truck accident settlement.

Semi-truck Insurance: How Does It Affect My Claim? 

All semi-trucks are required to have insurance because they cross state lines. The minimal coverage is a $750,000 liability policy but this only applies to non-hazardous material. If the truck contains hazardous material, they’re required to have a minimum coverage of $5 million.

However, in the case, that a driver caused a major-chain crash and hurt multiple people, a lawyer will file a truck accident lawsuit with the semi-truck company themselves. They will also file against other parties involved like the truck driver and vehicle owner.

Lawsuit Proceedings 

When arranging a lawsuit following semi-truck accidents, most insurance adjusters will settle on the case without having to go to court. However, there are cases where court litigation does become necessary. Here are some examples:

  • The company is not cooperating and providing evidence
  • Both parties disagree on multiple levels
  • The insurance policy does not cover the claimant’s needs
  • The party is not taking liability for the following 
  • The insurance company is fraudulent
  • The trucking company broke protocol and state laws
  • Expired statute of limitations

Litigation can make the process longer but the payout could increase. Therefore most parties try and settle without going to court. In fact, most parties will settle when the official legal complaint is served. 

How Can I Accelerate My Accident Settlements?

During a truck accident lawsuit, many people will settle for a lesser amount to pay for their current losses. However, it’s best to wait through the process, as this could increase the settlement amount. If you can, apply for temporary financial relief.

However, in the case that you don’t get temporary relief, your lawyer will push for a quicker yet slightly lower payout. Your lawyer could also file a truck accident complaint before the insurers hire expensive legal support.

Both parties will agree to proceed with arbitration or mediation, which is less expensive for both parties. These proceedings will also speed up the process!

Get Help Today

No one deserves to have their livelihood stripped away because of someone else mistake. Fortunately, a semi-truck accident lawsuit can help bring back your peace.

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