We take a look at the common symptoms that may indicate a child is on the autism spectrum. Read about identifying the early signs your child is autistic.

Symptoms of Autism in Children: Early Signs Your Child Is Autistic

Do you have concerns that your child might be autistic?

If so, you may want to identify the signs your child is autistic. This will help you determine what level on the spectrum they are on. This will help you find help to manage their condition.

You should always consult a doctor before making any decisions with your child. You want to ask them to diagnose autism before you take any drastic measures.

Here’s how to identify autism in children:


Early Signs of Autism

Some of the early signs of autism in young children include the following:

  • Not being talkative, especially when spending time with other children
  • Often repeating certain phrases or words
  • Repetitive body movements
  • Not responding when you call them by name
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Rarely smiling when you smile at them

Of course, these signs don’t guarantee that your child has autism. But if you notice these signs early on you might wish to seek a doctor’s advice.

Symptoms of Autism for Older Children

It’s also possible that you’ll detect autism in an older child and miss out on early signs during their childhood.

Here are some of the symptoms of autism found in older children:

  • Not understanding someone else’s emotions or feelings
    • This can extend to having a lack of consideration for others
  • Not understand metaphors, idioms, etc.
    • They’ll take such phrases literally
  • Getting upset about any breaks or changes in their routine
  • Finding it difficult to express their emotions

Autism in older children can cause serious issues as they become adults. Make sure you ask your child’s doctor to diagnose autism in your older children if you notice these issues.

What to Do

Dealing with a child who has autism is one of the biggest challenges that most parents want to face.

But if you seek professional help you’ll find a way to deal with the strain. Your children will also be able to cope with their autism if they have supportive parents.

You can consider seeking therapy or different education options for your child. Oak Hill Academy offers therapy and learning sessions for autistic children.

You also should consult with your child’s doctor regularly. Let them know how your child is coping with their autism. The doctor will suggest options on how to help your children.

It’s also advisable to seek the advice of multiple doctors. Some doctors might prescribe medicine while others might prefer a conservative approach. Make sure you don’t rush into any sort of treatment.

Those Are the Signs Your Child Is Autistic

Now you know the signs your child is autistic and can find a way to deal with it.

If you have a young child you want to look for the early signs of autism. Some of these early signs can include not responding to their name, not being talkative, or being fixated on certain phrases.

For older children, the signs can include having difficulty understanding emotions or feelings. It can also extend to not understanding the nuances or figurative expressions in language.

You can learn more about autism on our blog!

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