Don't settle for a boring car that doesn't meet your needs (or wants). Instead, check out this list of fun and useful car upgrades for some inspiration!

Improve Your Ride: 10 Fun and Useful Car Upgrades

Personal vehicles are the most common way people get to their destinations today. In fact, there are 276 million registered motor vehicles in the United States. 

As most cars look alike, it’s natural to want to customize yours with some upgrades. These upgrades will make your driving experience fun and exciting each time you get behind the wheel. 

Keep reading to learn about ten awesome car upgrades today! 


1. Window Tint

One of the best car upgrades is window tint. Installing tint to your vehicle can enhance its looks and be functional simultaneously. There are many different darknesses, colors, and materials to choose from. 

Some window tints are preferred for their UV and heat blocking technology. Others are wanted for looks or privacy reasons. The most common tint types include: 

  • Ceramic- Known for blocking over 99% of UV rays. 
  • Dyed- The most affordable option that absorbs sunlight. 
  • Metalized- Adds strength and shine to windows. 
  • Hybrid- The best benefits of metalized and dyed tint. 
  • Carbon- Offer better insulation and have a matte appearance. 

Make your decision based on what your vehicle needs are. For more information on window tint, you can read more on

2. Sound System

People spend lots of time commuting in their vehicles, and the most popular entertainment is listening to the radio. However, most stock sound systems don’t offer the best listening platform for serious music lovers. Car audio upgrade packages are an excellent way to enhance the sound. 

Various sound systems provide different levels of quality. A car speaker upgrade is usually enough to satisfy owners. However, many decide to go the extra mile with subwoofers, amps, and radios. 

3. Vinyl Wrap 

Vehicles come in only a limited variety of colors from the factory. Other times, you are forced to get a color you may not like due to availability. A vinyl wrap is a unique way to show your style and upgrade your car. 

These upgraded cars are wrapped with a vinyl material that isn’t permanent, meaning you can change the wrap whenever you’d like. This also allows your imagination to run wild with whatever design you want to incorporate. 

Wraps cost significantly less than complete paint jobs and take half the time. They also offer functionality by protecting your vehicle’s original paint. Wraps help battle rock chips, scratches, and dirt to ensure the value stays high. 

4. Lighting

Lighting is another fun way to add flair to your automobile. Lightbars are a great off-road tool that many use for additional lighting. Their illumination helps poor-lit areas become visible. 

Other lighting options include under glow which can be done in various colors. Many people add LED strips under their vehicles so that it is reflected off the street when driving. Most LED kits come with remotes that allow you to choose from many colors. 

You cannot alter your main headlight beams from white light in most states. Remember to check your state regulations to see what lighting is legal in your area. 

5. Rims and Tires

Most vehicles come with stock rims that are boring or don’t fit your style. Changing the rims can have a massive impact on your car’s overall look. This allows you to choose the color, style, size, etc., of what you think will make it look better. 

Factory vehicles usually come with tires that are a general tread grade for all areas. However, these tires may not be best for your location and may need to be changed. For example, if you live in a snowy area, you may need snow tires to commute safely. 

6. Exhaust 

Changing the sound of your vehicle can happen by adding an exhaust tip. This can make your system sound deeper or raspier. Many do this to make their vehicles sound more powerful overall. 

Installation can usually be done at your local muffler shop. You can tackle this project on your own, but it’s best to do your research beforehand. Always check your state’s sound regulations to ensure your muffler isn’t illegal. 

7. Interior Accessories

A cheaper way to customize your car is to install some interior accessories. You can choose a theme or style it to fit your personality. Popular accessories include:

  • Steering wheel covers
  • Seat covers
  • Mirror accessories
  • Shifter knobs

You can also add functional accessories that help your driving experience. Many people use things like phone chargers, seat cushions, organizers, etc. 

8. Seating

The seating in your vehicle may not be the most comfortable or practical for your needs. Upgrading your seats can benefit your posture, driving style, and overall comfort. Seating options can be found online for racing, thicker cushions, or special needs. 

9. Suspension

Altering your vehicle’s suspension usually comes in the form of lifting or lowering kits. This can transform how your automobile looks as you choose your customized height. 

Suspension upgrades can also help our driving performance. This can make things smoother and tighter as you daily drive your vehicle. 

10. Motor Upgrades

Car enthusiasts are notorious for upgrading their motors to get the best performance possible. If you want more power, functionality, or fuel mileage, you may want to follow suit. 

To increase performance output, many people start by tuning their vehicles. A tune can send more power to certain parts of the motor. Others begin by upgrading or adding parts like turbochargers, superchargers, air intakes, etc.  

The Most Popular Car Upgrades 

All of these car upgrades have the potential to make your ride unique. You’ll be driving a better version of your vehicle in no time! 

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