What do you know about scent diffusers? You can read about some of the best options here in this brief overview on the subject.

Top 3 Scent Diffusers You Really Need to Try

Did you know that in most homes, the air quality is more than twice as polluted as outdoor air? That means the air you are breathing in every day could actually be doing you harm.

There are a lot of reasons that the air quality of your homes is so bad. One of the biggest reasons is the burning of candles or incense. 

Candles are often made with toxic chemicals, and scents are synthetic, which fill the air with pollutants. An alternative, if you want a great smelling house the healthy way, is to try scent diffusers instead.

When you use a scent diffuser, you are using essential oil scents. And there is no smoke, as the aroma fills the air using water.

So what is the best scent diffuser to try? Keep reading below for three great scented oil diffuser options.


1. Aroma Tech Scent Diffusers

There are a lot of crappy oil diffusers on the market. You can find cheap ones for less than $20. But you get what you pay for.

Not only do they look tacky, making your home feel ugly, but they don’t work well to fill a room with the scent of the oil.

AromaTech’s diffusers are different. These machines are modern. They will look like they belong in your home, as they match your other appliances and devices. 

A smaller scent diffuser machine, like the AroMini BT, will work great to scent small rooms and spaces. But AromaTech also has units that connect with your HVAC system to easily fill an entire home with your favorite diffuser oil scents. 

2. Aera Diffuser

This sleek little machine is beautiful and powerful. It will blend into any home, thanks to its modern, all-white design.

And it will fill any sized home with the scents of your favorite essential oils.

You can connect to the diffuser via Bluetooth with the smartphone app. That way, you can create automatic schedules and control them from afar. 

It’s very consistent, filling an entire room evenly with a scent, without creating any hotspots. It’s not the cheapest machine, but it’s certainly one of the best if you like high-quality items in your home. 

3. Aria Diffuser

The Aria diffuser by Young Living is one of the most popular options. Young Living is a massive company and is one of the leaders in producing diffuser scents.

Their reputation is mixed, thanks to a multilevel marketing business model. However, you can simply be a customer and purchase this beautiful, trendy oil diffuser without participating in any sales. 

The bottom bowl is made of wood, and the dome is made of removable glass. It creates a beautiful cloud of mist as it fills the room with your scent of choice, making this an excellent centerpiece in your living room or kitchen. 

Get a High-Quality Diffuser Today

Scent diffusers are a dime a dozen these days. Everyone is selling their own.

But most are cheap, and many of them are very ugly. Spend money on a high-quality diffuser and you’ll be glad you did.

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