Types of Air Conditioning Systems for Residential Homes

Types of Air Conditioning Systems for Residential Homes

As a homeowner, you can make major decisions about your home. One of the most important decisions you will need to make will be related to your home’s heating and cooling system. Since these systems directly affect ventilation and temperature, they also tend to influence the quality of health you will get in the house. This article will teach you about the different types of air conditioning systems available.  


5 Common Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Below are the top five air conditioning systems. Learn about them to get an idea of what will be suitable for you. 

IT-based Air Conditioning Systems

An IT-based or smart air conditioning system is a split air conditioning system that can be connected to the internet. You can control these systems from your phone and other smart devices. They often have some additional functionality that allows you to customize the temperature in your home and set more energy-efficient schedules.  

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Consider using a ducted system if you live in a large house with a lot of space. This system lets cool air enter the home through supply vents connected to the walls or ceilings. A ducted system only has one central unit that circulates cool or hot air all over the house. This is why every room in the house must maintain the same temperature setting 24/7.

Geothermal System

As the name implies, this system is connected to the ground and relies on the earth’s natural temperature-regulating properties. It is a relatively new type of air conditioning that is more energy efficient than many other types. However, the upfront cost is high, and installation is complex. The installation requires digging loops about four to six feet into the ground. This means the location of your home also matters. 

Floor-mounted AC 

A floor-mounted AC is a stand-alone unit mounted in the room you wish to cool. It is one of the easiest types of air conditioning systems to set up, and it does not require any complex distributing systems in your house. Floor-mounted air conditioning systems are affordable but can only manage the temperature of compact spaces. This means you will have to buy multiple units for every room in your home. 

Split and Mini-Split Units

A split unit is a dual-unit air conditioner with an air unit and a compressor. The compressor is usually installed outside the home, while the split unit is installed inside. Since split units do not require ducts, they are more energy efficient and take less AC preventative maintenance than many other units. Mini-split units are like traditional ones but tend to be smaller. They are ideal for smaller rooms that do not get enough ventilation from the central system. 


The five air conditioning systems listed above might be the most common residential options, but many others are available. You can choose a suitable option based on your budget and home compatibility. To get the best option for your home, contact a professional like Confort Prestige. These experts can recommend, install, and maintain air conditioning systems in your home.

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