Fish is one of the most nutrient-packed foods you can eat, but what are the best fish to eat for health? Find out in this small guide.

What Are the Best Fish to Eat for Health?

Nearly 3 billion people rely on seafood as a primary source of protein. Not only that but it’s packed with other essential nutrients as well.

Take fish, for example, they’re a great source of minerals and vitamins such as B2 and D. What’s more, is that they’re relatively low in calories.

Thinking of adding some into your diet? Want to know what the best fish to eat for health is? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll be going over some of the best options below. Keep reading for some healthy food ideas!


1. Salmon 

Salmon, especially wild-caught salmon, is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also packed with protein; 200 grams provides nearly 45 grams of program, which is the recommended intake for adult women.

There are many salmon recipes that you can try as well. For example, you can grill, broil, roast, or bake salmon fillets.

For those who don’t want to buy fresh, there’s always the option of canned salmon. If anything, it’s just as healthy. In fact, they often contain more calcium compared to fresh or frozen salmon (the bones tend to dissolve in the can, which adds calcium to the meat).

2. Sardines

Sardines can be bought fresh, frozen, or canned. You can eat them out of a can, toss them in a salad, or mix them with pasta.

They’re also relatively cheap. What’s more, is that they’re all wild-caught, which means that they’re generally lower in saturated fats.

Not only are they a great source of omega-3 fatty acids (they contain nearly 1,200mg of omega-3s per serving), but they also contain high amounts of vitamin D, B3, and B12.

And because they eat plankton, they contain significantly less mercury compared to other types of fish. If anything, that’s one of the reasons why they’re often used in fish oil.

3. Mackerel 

Mackerel is an oily fish that’s rich in heart-healthy fats. For one thing, it can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke (learn more here if you’re a caregiver).

Atlantic mackerel, in particular, is high in omega-3s and low in mercury. It also contains high amounts of selenium, which is important for proper immune system and thyroid function.

Avoid king mackerel from the Western Atlantic as it has high mercury content. Similarly, you want to avoid smoked mackerel as it often contains high amounts of nitrate due to the smoking process, which can increase the risk of some cancers.

The Best Fish to Eat for Health

Now you know what the best fish to eat for health is! As you can see, there are several types that you can incorporate into your diet. Why eat fast food when you can eat healthy meals instead, right?

Did you find this guide helpful? If so, you’ll be happy to know that we have more posts like this in our health section. Check it out today!

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