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What Are the Different Types of Car Accidents That Occur Today?

Did you know that the US suffers the most road crash deaths of any high-income country, 50% higher than similar countries like Japan, Western Europe, Canada, or Australia? Most of us are so used to seeing car crashes on the road as we pass by, that we don’t even think twice about it.

But there are many different types of car accidents out there that you need to be aware of. Keep reading to find out more.


Head-on Collisions

These are typically the most devastating of all collisions and potentially fatal types of car accidents. This happens when someone travels the wrong way down on a one-way street or a highway exit ramp. It could also happen when someone crosses the median on a highway. 

As you can imagine, the fault is usually quite clear in these kinds of accidents. 

Rear-End Collisions

These kinds of car accidents are much more common, but less damaging, as they occur at lower speeds. It usually happens when someone hits another car from behind because they weren’t paying attention or driving too close to them (tailgating). The rear driver is usually presumed to be at fault for not keeping enough distance, but not always. 

Side-Impact Accidents

When the first car turning into an intersection doesn’t give way to another, then it could result in a side-impact car crash. They usually happen at traffic lights where the left turn signal isn’t quite so clear. And at nighttime when cars tend to run red lights. 

Chain Reactions

You’ve probably seen these on the news or on the highway when you were driving past. It’s when too many cars are driving close to one another without leaving enough stopping distance and the car in front stops suddenly. It results in a chain reaction where all cars behind the first one hit each other, resulting in a devastating pile-up of damaged cars. 


The automotive industry does lots of research and works on creating cars that can keep their drivers safe. But rollovers can still happen due to defects in the car, or due to the fault of a driver. It’s getting less common as time goes by, but still something to be wary of as drivers. 

Before you give up your vehicle ownership because you are at fault in a car crash, talk to a lawyer. Click the link if you are involved in a car accident and searching for a car accident lawyer. 

Types of Car Accidents – It’s Good to Be In the Know

Now that you are more aware of the different types of car accidents, and the people who are usually at fault in them, you can inform your car insurance company and car accident lawyer more clearly of what your bad car crash involved. Remember, knowledge is power.

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