florida man June 4

Florida Man June 4 – Dance Away the Devil

Florida man June 4 is full of some supernatural psychos.

The sunshine state has everything from swamps to big cities but no matter where you go in Florida there is one thing you can’t escape, Florida Man.

Florida Man is the man behind all of the crazy things that happen in the state. Sometimes they even visit other states. Take a look at what they have to offer on June 4.


Florida Man June 4 – Walmart Exorsizim

On June 4 A Florida man decided that he thought Walmart had evil spirits.

He went into the Florida store and started pouring salt around him on the floor. As anyone who has watched Supernatural would know, salt protects against bad spirits.

But what makes this even better, is that the Florida Man’s middle name was Dean, just like one of the Winchester Brothers.

The Man fled the store with freshly salted feet and took off into the woods. When the police caught up with him he was charged with trespassing.

June 4 Florida Man- Burying The Boss

Most of us have wanted to get back at our bosses at one point or another but this Florida Man actually did it.

When Florida Man got into an argument with his boss on a construction site, he did the first thing that came to his mind.

He grabbed the front loader and ended up burying his boss up to his waist. Luckily the man didn’t end up with any major injuries.

We are pretty sure that Florida Man is going to need to start looking for another job though and who would want to hire him after attacking his boss?

Florida Man June 4th – Dancing Away The Vampires

Most people believe that vampires aren’t real but not this Florida Man. On June 4, he decided that vampires were real and that there was only one way to get rid of them, dancing.

The Florida Man decided to get on top of a parked police car and dance away the vampires from up there.

When stopped and arrested, Florida Man told the police that a woman with fangs came to his house. He claimed she said that vampires were going to have a human sacrifice.

According to Florida Man he had not been drinking, doing drugs, and also does not have any mental health diagnosis.

Final Thoughts

We hope that today’s tales of Florida Man don’t have you too frustrated. There is more to read though! We are covering every day in history with our tales from the Florida man series. What do you think Florida man is going to do next?

If you would like to know how Florida man spent your birthday leave the dates in the comments below.

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