There are countless advantages of driving a car, but sometimes accidents happen. Here are the car accident injuries you need to avoid.

What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?

Did you know that more than a million people die each year from car accidents?

There are various types of car accident injuries, but there are some that are more common than others. Some people only suffer minor injuries from car accidents. Others suffered severe injuries that could leave them in a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

The injuries vary depending on the person, how severe the accident was, and how the crash occurred. Here’s a guide for the most common medical problems that you’ll face from a road crash.


Brain Trauma

The violent force of a crash can cause the head and brain to jolt violently in many directions. In some cases, the force within a crash can cause the skull to come into contact with hard objects within the vehicle, such as door frames and dashboards.

Even if the skull doesn’t come into contact with an object, the sheer force of the accident can make the brain slamming against the inside of the skull. This leads to trauma from a concussion or severe traumatic brain injury.

These injuries can have lifelong physical, cognitive, and psychological effects. Remember, with any type of injury, it is important to find an auto accident attorney who can help you with your car accident claim cases.

Neck Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most common neck injuries. It is caused by the neck, head, and shoulders jerking forward and then suddenly backward from the force of impact. Neck muscles can strain, tear, or sprain from whiplash.

It can cause a range of pain, from dull aches to sharp pain. It can also cause neck stiffness, headaches, dizziness, and tingling sensation. Other neck injuries, including cuts or bruises, muscle or ligament damage, herniated discs, and fractures, may also occur.

Treating neck injuries often involve immobilization of the neck and pain medications. May also need some physical therapy, massage, heat and cold therapy, and even surgical intervention.

Muscle Strains, Ligament Damage, and Soft Tissue Injuries

A muscle strain occurs when a muscle fiber or tissue is stretched beyond its known range of motion or pulled apart. Ligament damage can cause damage to joints due to stretching or tearing, as well as reducing the ability to move a particular body part. Soft tissue injuries result from the force of impact during a crash, causing pain and a restricted range of movements.

The resulting injury can be severe and debilitating. Making it difficult for a person to remain in the workforce or complete daily activities. In some cases, treatment for these injuries can include physical therapy or prolonged rest.

Broken Bones

Broken bones can occur when a person is forcibly thrown into another object. It can range from minor fractures to complex fractures, depending on the severity of the crash. This is especially dangerous when they occur in high-impact areas, such as the wrists, collarbone, ribs, and hips.

These can cause intense pain, prolonged mobility, and joint issues. Car accident victims can cope with the injuries despite the risk and intensity of broken bones. It can be through medications, physical therapy, and in some cases, surgery.

Drive Smart and Avoid These Common Car Accident Injuries

Car crashes occur more frequently than many people are aware of, but understanding the most common car accident injuries is important in helping individuals prevent them. Car safety, like seatbelt use and defensive driving, can help protect against getting injured in a car accident. Employing these strategies could save lives, so start driving smartly today!

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