Navigating the path to disability benefits is difficult after an accident or diagnosis. Find out why how a lawyer can help you win your disability appeal.

Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer for Your Disability Appeal

Less than half of disability claims get approved, and only about half of approved claims get approved on the first attempt. With odds like these, you want someone in your corner for the process.

That’s why having a lawyer with you for a disability claim plays such a key role in getting through the process. A good lawyer will help you with your disability appeal and present your claim in the best possible light.

What specific tasks do lawyers perform, though? Why do they prove so essential to getting a claim resolved in your favor? We’ll go over everything a lawyer can do for you during the Social Security disability appeal process.


Disability Appeal Moves Slowly

When you’re denied Social Security disability payouts, you go through two additional steps. The first step, reconsideration, involves a review by a second reviewer who hasn’t seen your application before.

Hiring a lawyer at the reconsideration stage can help you get through the process faster. An attorney will look at your initial application and tell you where it fell short, which can shore up a weaker application.

If all your application needed was a little tune-up, this can save you a hearing and take as much as a year off the process.

Efficient Gathering of Materials

A disability hearing involves a lot of paperwork. Disability attorneys like the ones at Cannon Disability Law can gather your medical records faster than you can. Many applicants have a long paper trail that needs some sorting out.

This can also highlight weaknesses in the records. A great disability advocate will notice when your medical records don’t reflect changes in your condition or have become too old to be relevant. You can then make updates or secure appointments as needed.

Doctors tend to listen to an attorney over a patient. They will provide more detailed records and written opinions for the process, and the attorney’s request carries more weight. An attorney can also schedule exams for you.

Hearing Prep

Attorneys know the process inside and out. You don’t. It’ll make you happy they do when you reach the hearing.

A lawyer can put your fears to rest by preparing you for questions. Some people hurt their applications unknowingly by giving answers the court won’t like. A lawyer will recognize potential traps you won’t.

Countering the Vocational Expert

A vocational expert will try to argue during your hearing that you can find work. These arguments come in the form of hypothetical situations regarding your physical capabilities.

Lawyers will counter these claims to the greatest extent they can. For instance, if the jobs the expert describes aren’t available in your area, the lawyer will point that out to the judge. They can also argue your condition would make your performance inconsistent or ineffective.

Know Your Rights and Bolster Your Chances

A disability appeal doesn’t have to feel like a nightmare. A good lawyer goes a long way. You deserve a zealous advocate who knows the system and will get results.

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