Did you know that not all RVs are created equal these days? Here are the many different types of RVs that enthusiasts drive today.

What Are the Different Types of RVs That Enthusiasts Drive Today?

As old conventions of “normal’ break down a little bit more each year, you can see its reflections in society. People work for themselves or at least work remotely. People embrace alternate living options like van life.

With home prices at a historic high, the idea of living in a recreational vehicle likely appeals to more and more people. The thinking goes, “I can’t get financing for a $300,000 house, but I can get financing for an RV.”

If you’re new to the RV scene, you might wonder which is the best RV or what types of RVs enthusiasts drive. If you are not new and are looking to get rid of your old RV (rv removal Alberta services are available if you cannot do it yourself) and invest in something new, then keep reading to discover some of the popular RV options.


Class A

The most recognizable form of the species put out by the RV industry is probably the Class A motorhome. These are generally the biggest and most luxurious recreational vehicles. Most people recognize them as the kinds of RVs used by people who live full-time in them or as tour buses for bands.

These RVs often offer less than stellar fuel economy and often need specialty shops for repairs, so RV maintenance can prove a challenge.

Class B

While not as recognizable as the Class A, the class B camper van is a more common option among RV enthusiasts. This is in no small part because people can convert an oversized van or panel van as a DIY project. These are typically the smallest of the self-contained RVs.

Since they use consumer-grade or lighter commercial-grade engines, maintenance proves easier. However, you must boil down your wants to the absolute RV essentials. There isn’t room for a lot of extras.

Class C

The Class C RV hovers somewhere in the middle ground between the Class and the Class B. They’re bigger than the Class Bs but smaller than Class As.

That means you get a little more room inside for the occasional luxury. For some, that extra room is the luxury they want. Depending on the model, you can get versions with bathrooms and showers.

You can see some examples of these at RVW.

Fifth Wheels

If you have a truck with some towing capacity, fifth wheels are very popular. You get the same kinds of amenities you see with Class C RVs. The upside is that you can disconnect the RV from your personal vehicle on arrival.

Pop-up Trailers

For those looking for a slightly smaller investment or more occasional use, pop-up trailers are smaller and lighter. That makes them easier to move, but you give up things like storage space and kitchens.

Picking Between Types of RVs

Picking between the types of RVs means figuring out which ones will best serve your needs. Are you planning on spending months out of the year on the road and seeing the country. For that, a Class A, Class C, or fifth wheel might serve you best.

Do you see yourself taking one or two trips a year to specific destinations? In that case, a Class B or pop-up trailer might serve you best.

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