Are you wondering how to stop yourself from grinding your teeth at night? Click here for seven ways to stop grinding your teeth.

7 Ways to Stop Grinding Your Teeth

Around 70% of dentists saw an increase in patients suffering from teeth grinding, which shows how common this problem is. 

Teeth grinding, or bruxism, can corrode your pearly whites and even result in tooth loss. Because of this, you must act immediately and find solutions if you’ve been grinding throughout the night. Maybe that’s why you’re here; you’re struggling to stop this problem, and you’re looking for guidance on the matter.

Sounds like you? No worries; we’ve got your back. Here are seven ways to stop grinding your teeth. 


1. Nighttime Mouth Guard

Anyone worried about grinding teeth at night should ask their dentist for a nighttime mouthguard. Wear a custom-made one every evening, and it will protect your teeth while you sleep. Or, if it’s urgent, visit your local pharmacy and get a one-size-fits-all mouthguard to solve your issues.  

2. Relax Before Bed 

If you’re suffering from dental problems like bruxism, prioritize unwinding before bed. You could take a warm bath or carve out time for yoga to relax. And consider meditating for 10 minutes before sleeping, as it will prevent you from grinding your teeth. 

3. Massage Your Jaw Muscles 

Whenever jaw clenching affects your oral health, massage the sore muscles throughout the day. Simply rub the affected area, and it will release the tension that has accumulated for an extended period. If you’re struggling with this, take muscle relaxants, as they will relax your jaw and prevent teeth grinding. 

4. Apply Warm Compress 

One of the top dental solutions is to apply a warm compress. This will boost blood circulation to your jaw and ease the discomfort. As a general rule, apply this compress for 15 minutes and repeat on the other side.  

5. Eat Magnesium-Rich Food 

We often forget that our diet is intrinsically linked to dental care. Magnesium, for example, promotes relaxation and regulates mood, so load up on these ingredients. To get enough magnesium, add fish, spinach, and banana to your diet at a minimum.    

6. Drink Herbal Tea 

Another way to prevent teeth grinding is drinking herbal tea before bed. Aside from being non-caffeinated, chamomile or green tea will minimize your stress, which reduces the risk of bruxism. You could also sip milk with a dash of turmeric as it has anti-inflammatory properties that relieve your aching jaw muscles.  

7. Muscle Stretching Exercises

You should regularly do muscle stretching exercises as they will reduce discomfort in your jaw. Start by opening your mouth as you comfortably can and touching your tongue to your front teeth. Repeat several times as it will help relax your jaw muscles.  

Another useful exercise is keeping a gap between your upper and lower teeth so your body will naturally stop clenching. 

Top Ways to Prevent Grinding Your Teeth

Hopefully, you now know how to stop grinding your teeth. 

There are many ways to prevent this issue, such as wearing a nighttime mouth guard and applying a warm compress to the affected area. You should also practice muscle strengthening exercises and drink herbal tea before bed. Good luck! 

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