Floridan man July 13

Florida Man July 13 – Grand Theft Table?

Florida Man July 13 brings us three stories of the weirdness that makes up the sunshine state.

The number 13 is supposed to be bad luck. However, it is just another day for Florida Man.

Florida Man continues to get in trouble no matter where he goes or what he tries to do. Take a look at some of the best Florida Man stories from July 13.


Florida Man July 13: Operating Table

A Florida man Lance Sayre, 52 went into the Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater, but he decided that he wanted something other than treatment, unlike all of the other patrons.

He decided that he wanted to take the operating table from one of the operating rooms home as a souvenir.

Witnesses saw Sayre loading the table into the back of a white van. The table is valued at almost 50,000$

We aren’t sure how he managed to steal the table, but we are actually left impressed.

Florida Man July 13: Leaves Gun Unsecure

On July 13 Florida man decided to store his gun in a very unusual place. Of all places, he chose to put it in a paw patrol backpack in his bedroom.

The toddler in the home obviously went for the paw patrol backpack and found a gun in it. Like any 2 year old would do, he played with the gun.

He pointed the gun at his mom, who was on a Zoom call for work. The gun fired, and the mom fell backward. First responders showed up and found mom deceased.

Florida Man loves guns, but he can’t figure out how to safely have them. This Florida Man paid for it, though. Police charged the man with negligent manslaughter. Even worse he has to live with the death o his conscious for the rest of his life.

Florida Man July 13 : Hides Drugs Where?

Police pulled over a Florida man when they smelled marijuana coming from his car.

Florida Man argued that he had nothing illegal in his car. When the police searched his car, they were able to find enough reason to arrest Florida Man.

Getting to the jail was where things changed.

At the jail, Florida Man disclosed hiding drugs in his buttocks. Police found over 12 bags of various drugs in his butt.

Now he is facing more than the initial charges and was held without bail when he was arrested.

Final Thoughts

What do you think about what Florida Man has done on July 13th? Guess what, there is more to read. We have covered many other days in the history of Florida man, and you can read many other insane tales.

Try checking out what Florida Man has done on your birthday. If we have not covered it just drop the date in the comments below.

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