Florida man June 23

Florida Man June 23

These 2 Florida man June 23 stories show the extremes of Florida man’s luck. One Florida man is extremely lucky to be alive, the other, not so much.

One of the best challenges on the internet is to see what Florida Man has done on your birthday. If today is your birthday, buckle up, you never know what you will find.

Florida Man June 23, 2021 : Lucky Florida Man

Sometimes Florida Man gets really lucky. This was definitely the case on June 23, 2021, for Florida man, Erick De Moura.

On June 23rd our lucky Florida man De Moura was at his girlfriend’s home for a rare midweek visit.

He was just about ready to leave when a sudden downpour hit. He stated that he was really trying to make it home as he had an early appointment in the morning and no clothes to change into.

His girlfriend, though, wanted him to just stay the night at her house. How many times have you heard of a man not wanting to go back to a woman’s house?

Fortunately for our Florida Man, he did as his girlfriend wanted.

The next morning he woke up to the news his condo tower had collapsed. None of his close neighbors survived.

We don’t think Florida Man will be looking for a new girlfriend anytime soon.

Florida Man June 23, 2015 : The Gumbo Murderer

On June 23, 2015, a Florida man, Orlando Ricardo Thompson, 27 and his co-worker got into an argument. The men were arguing over what spices should be added to gumbo,

It didn’t take long for the two to escalate the argument into a physical fight. Co-workers separated the two men and diffused. 

However, Thompson could not let it go, and later that day Florida Man decided to revive the fight. Unfortunately, this time he had a decorative sword with him.

Even a decorative sword can be dangerous though. Florida Man stabbed his coworker multiple times.

Paramedics rushed the victim to the hospital but they were not able to do enough for him. Unfortunately, the friend died two days later. 

Police identified the victim as Caleb Halley. Floridians knew Halley for being the Florida State University mascot for three years

Police arrested the Florida Man for killing his friend and didn’t really have a defense. It is hard to deny that you killed something when it was all caught on tape.


Florida Man is like a superhero, he is constantly up to things. The only problem is that he is the superhero no one asked for. And sometimes a downright villain.

If you want to see what Florida Man has done on other days, make sure to read some of our other articles.

If you would like to see how Florida man spent your birthday just leave the date in the comments below.

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