Florida Man April 12

Florida Man April 12 – Quite The Excuse

These Stories of Florida man from April 12 will make you wonder what is going on in the mind of our beloved Florida man. If not, the following two stories will definitely make you start to wonder. 

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Florida Man April 12, 2020 – Coughed on Officer’s Faces and Told Them “I Hope You Die”

Deland, Florida – On April 12, 2020, police responded to a Florida man allegedly beating his mother. Once they arrived on the scene, authorities reported that a Florida man threatened the officer, blew, and coughed on them, and wished they would have corona.

On a busy Saturday night, A Florida man was reported shoving his mother several times and using a butter knife to threaten to kill her. 

46-year-old Brent Smith was arrested by Volusia County Sheriff.

Next officers brought Smith to the police car, he faced the officers and coughed and blew on their faces. 

He was recorded, stating, “I hope you die, I hope you catch corona, I have the coronavirus, I hope it latches on you.”

Smith has no listed attorney and is held with no bond. 

He faces a long list of charges that include aggravated battery on a person 65 or older, tampering with a witness, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, robbery by sudden snatching, assault on a law enforcement officer, grand theft, corruption by threat against a public official and violation of probation.

Florida Man April 12, 2016 – Destroyed a House Because He Has Been Masturbating and Listening to Music Too Much.

Pembroke, Florida. – A Florida man was accused of smashing a mailbox, a real estate sign, a garden angel, and vandalizing a house.

William Thomas, 25 years old from Clearwater, was reported destroying a house at 2066 N. Belcher Road. 

According to the arrest affidavit, when police arrived at the scene, he was seen shirtless and covered in dirt, sitting and waiting for them.

Thomas admitted to damaging some stuff on the property. Police reported that he had also done $1000 worth of damages on a nearby boat and trailer.

The affidavit stated, “The defendant stated he listened to too much music and masturbated too much, and he felt like going out and destroying stuff.”

Thomas pleaded guilty to all the damages. He said that he just envisioned destroying other people’s lives; that’s why he did all of this, the affidavit stated.

Afterwards he was held in Pinellas County Jail until he was later released on a bond of $7,000.

Final Thoughts

As we all have learned in the past few years, threatening others with the risk of coronavirus is a sure way to find yourself behind bars. Unfortunately for our April 12 Florida man, he must not have stayed up to date on current affairs.

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