The signs and symptoms of oral cancer are not always obvious. You should never ignore these six symptoms - click now to get the facts.

Six Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Are you worried that you may have a problem with your oral health? Do you know the risks and signs of oral cancer? If your answer is no, do not worry.

Many people are unaware of their oral health problems. Many people do not know what is normal or not when it comes to their mouths. Simply put, there are many things that we may not be aware of when it comes to our best defense – the mouth.

Oral cancer is preventable if we regularly go to the dentist. But, even this task can be overlooked if we do not notice the oral signs and symptoms. Do you want to know the red flags of cancer?

In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Keep reading to learn!


1. Persistent Sores

Persistent mouth sores that won’t heal may be signs of oral cancer. Oral cancer is more common in adults, so checking for persistent mouth sores is especially important for adults in this age group. This can also happen due to other diseases, infections, and bumps.

2. White and Red Patches

These patches indicate a sore or infection in the mouth, which is often the first symptom of oral cancer. White patches can result from an accumulation of debris, plaque, or a growth of cells underneath the surface of the skin. The presence of red or raspberry-colored patches may be indicative of a precancerous condition.

3. Pain or Tenderness of the Mouth

Pain and tenderness also say that something abnormal is occurring within the mouth and should be addressed as soon as possible. Soreness in the mouth can be a sign of untreated cavities, gum infections, and other ailments. This can contribute to the earlier detection of signs of oral cancer.

4. Lump in the Neck or Jaw

Lumps in the neck or jaw are also one of the signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Oral cancer can cause tumors that can form in the neck, jaw, and other areas of the mouth. A lump in the neck or jaw is often a sign that the tumor has grown large enough that it can be felt or seen.

5. Numbness of the Tongue and Lips

Numbness of the tongue and lips are also examples of mouth cancer symptoms. This is due to the lack of blood flow that can be caused by abnormal vessels or plaque from tumors pressing down on healthy tissue.

6. Difficulty in Speaking, Swallowing, or Chewing

Difficulty in speaking, swallowing, or chewing can be an indicator of oral cancer. This can happen when tumors impede normal mouth functions. Because oral cancers begin in the mouth, the growth of the tumor often interferes with the movement of the tongue, salivation, inhalation, and the processes of eating and swallowing.

Therefore, early detection is key for a successful treatment plan, and can even save your life. Search for “Dentist near me” if any of these signs start to show.

A Must Know Signs and Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer can have severe consequences if not detected and managed quickly. Be aware of the six signs and symptoms of oral cancer. If you notice any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

With early detection and treatment, you can stay healthy and protect your oral health.

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