Do you want to make a personal injury claim? Have you ever wondered: what percentage of personal injury cases go to trial? Read on to learn more.

What Percentage of Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

There were about 37.9 million visits to the emergency departments for injuries in 2018. Patients could be injured in automobile accidents, slip-and-fall incidents, defective products, and workplace accidents in the United States.

Some of those cases result in serious injuries such as paralysis, traumatic brain injury, broken bones, or severe burns.

The idea of seeking compensation for your injuries may sound easy enough, but the process involves a number of challenges. What percentage of personal injury cases go to trial? Here are some facts and figures.


Most Personal Injury Cases End in Out-of-Court Settlement

Most personal injury cases never go to trial. In fact, the vast majority of personal injury cases end in an out-of-court settlement. There are many reasons for this.

First, going to trial is risky. You could end up with a lower settlement than you would have if you had settled out of court.

Second, settlement is often faster than going to trial. Third, it allows the parties to control the outcome. Fourth, it avoids the stress and hassle of a trial.

Finally, it is private. Trials are public proceedings, and settlements are typically confidential.

Why So Few Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial

There are a lot of factors that contribute to why so few personal injury cases go to trial. One of the biggest reasons is that it can be very expensive and time-consuming to take a case to trial. The cost of attorneys, expert witnesses, and court fees can add up quickly.

Second, it can take a long time to get to trial. This can be frustrating for both the injured person and the person who caused the injury.

Third, there is no guarantee that the case will be decided in the injured person’s favor. Even if the case is strong, there is no guarantee that a jury will see it that way.

The Benefits of Going to Trial in a Personal Injury Case

Trials are not as common as one might think. But a benefit of going to trial is that it allows the injured party to tell their story to a judge or jury. It can also result in a higher monetary award than would be obtained through a settlement.

If ever you get into a road accident, then a motorcycle accident lawyer will help you build a strong case. It is best that you contact one who has years of experience in handling cases similar to yours.

What Percentage of Personal Injury Cases Go to Trial?

So what percentage of personal injury cases go to trial? About 5% or less, as 95% are settled pre-trial. 

Though many personal injury cases are settled out of court, a significant number do end up going to trial. This is often due to the amount of money at stake or because the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement. 

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