What To Look For In A Reliable Memphis Personal Injury Lawyer

What To Look For In A Reliable Memphis Personal Injury Lawyer

Due to someone else’s negligence to cause you suffering an injury can turn your world upside down, figuratively. There are medical bills, lost wages, and daily struggles to deal with which makes it all the more vital to have a skilled Memphis personal injury lawyer on your side. However, not every lawyer out there will get you the maximum compensation you desire. So what should you look for when vetting attorneys in the Memphis area? Let’s find out.


Expertise With Your Type of Claim

Personal injury law covers a wide spectrum of potential cases – auto accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and more. You’ll want to find a Memphis personal injury lawyer who specializes specifically in the type of incident behind your injury. This ensures they have deep knowledge of relevant laws and experience handling similar cases.

For instance, if you were hurt in a truck accident, look for an attorney who deals frequently with commercial vehicle incidents and understands federal regulations for semi trucks. Ask prospective lawyers what percentage of their caseload focuses on your specific claim type. Specialization is key.

A Proven Track Record of Results

At the end of the day, you need an attorney who can secure fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Look for a lawyer or firm with a proven history of delivering positive verdicts and settlements for past clients. Reputable attorneys should have no problem providing case results and testimonials. 

Be wary of lawyers who overpromise with guarantees. No ethical attorney can guarantee a specific settlement amount. However, a strong track record does indicate skill in building persuasive cases.

Personalized Attention

Suffering a serious injury can make you feel powerless. You need an attorney who will fight in your corner every step and keep you informed. Look for a lawyer who communicates frequently, answers your calls and emails promptly, and treats you with compassion.

Avoid attorneys who seem constantly distracted or hand you off to paralegals. Find someone who provides their personal cell number and gives your case quality one-on-one attention.

Objective Case Analysis

Beware of attorneys who try hard-selling you in an initial consultation or make promises without reviewing your case details. Quality Memphis personal injury lawyers will listen closely to your story first, ask probing questions, and then offer an honest assessment of your options.

Look for someone who explains both strengths and weaknesses upfront, delivers realistic expectations, and outlines a strategic path forward. This shows objectivity and integrity.

Resources to Go the Distance

Personal injury cases often drag out for months, even years. You need a law firm with the financial resources and staff to fully investigate your claim, take depositions, retain experts, and go to trial if necessary.

Look for an established local firm with in-house nurses, investigators, and other support staff. Avoid solo practitioners who may lack bandwidth. Vet the lawyer’s resources to ensure they can fully prosecute your case long-term.

Don’t Settle – Get the Memphis Personal Injury Lawyer You Deserve

When it’s all said and done, the right Memphis personal injury attorney for you will combine compassion, expertise, and the resources to thoroughly fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. With the proper legal guidance from reputable local firms like Alders and Lewellyn, PLLC, you can move forward on the road to recovery.

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