Come check out how Florida man likes to spend his Christmas. We have summarized some of the top Florida man stories for December 25.

Florida Man December 25: Christmas Edition

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, I’m sure you have heard of the Florida man meme. If you are unfamiliar, you can give it a quick google search or wait for my next article on the Florida man meme.

In short, it is a meme that typically features one of the many weird headlines coming out of Florida. After the meme became popular a trend of searching your birthday + “Florid man” began. In this article, we will take a look at some highlights of Florida man December 25.

Florida Man December 25, 2019

This Florida man story is coming to you from St. Petersburg, Fla. A man by the name of Richard Ellis Spurrier was confronted mid-day by police in downtown St. Pete. Spurrier was caught with around 45 grams of marijuana after giving it out to people as they walked by.

When asked his motives for this thoughtful crime he simply stated “because it was Christmas”. Despite his good intentions, this Florida man was still charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute it. To top off the weirdness officers also noted that he was carrying a sword at the time of his arrest.

Florida Man December 25, 2018

Here we have another instance of a Florida man trying to help others enjoy a green Christmas. In Port St Lucie, police reported, 23-year-old Anthony Andrew Gallagher who allegedly tried to pay for his fast food with a sack of marijuana.

After the cashier denied the trade he took off. However, that is not the end of this story. He later returned, only to be arrested for possession of marijuana and driving while intoxicated.


If nothing else this article should show you that the infamous Florida man takes no breaks, not even Christmas Day. If you want to read some more stories of the wildness of the sunshine state stay tuned.

I will be writing a few of these a week. If you have a Florida man story to tell or request any dates please leave them in the comments below.

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